Samus: "You're not arresting anybody, princess. Got you OFF BALANCE."

Samus: "A couple of well-aimed ICERAYS should keep you away!"
Lana: "I'm not impressed by your weapons or you bionic strength, Samus."

Lana: "You might be stronger, but I can handle myself! My father taight me to use anything as a weapon, laser aswell as FOOD CART!"

Samus: "You made one mistake, princess. You let me catch you." (Do you also get the feeling we missed some action here?)
Lana: "She's got an IRON GRIP!"

Lana: 'I have one chance... if I can find her air regulator I can fill her armor with PURE OXYGEN...' (and where's the logic in Samus keeping THAT thing where an enemy can reach? *ducks the plot hole police*)

Samus: "Uuuuhh..." Lana: 'It worked! The oxygen made her dizzy! But it's like fighting a tank. How kan I beat her without killing her?'

I thought that was part of the plan... psycho.