This is not a homepage.
It just happens to be a place where I store my fanfics on the net. Some day I might do something about the look of this place...
So, hi. I'm Weiila (antonym), I'm a girl born 1982 (why bother to write the age when it insists on changing all the time?) in Sweden, where I'm grown and live. So forgive my grammar, please... ;) I study art and am slightly crazy. I mean it. It's healthy!
Well, let's get down to business. Ahem.
I love computergames. Yes, I'm a girl and do so (girl, by the way? Ahh, it doesn't matter...)! And most of all I love rpgs.
I also love writing.
These are my creations so far. For better recensions, go to rpgclassics and enter their fanfiction section.

Chrono Trigger
Ah... this is my favorite. Magus might have some things to tell me about it, though... but that matter is grown from the crossovers further down. ;) Oh, and Bored beyond compare, of course. Wherever I put that one...

Magus' quest
Magus is searching for Schala. What a surprise! He happens to save Frog's life along the way. Now that was a surprise. Especially for the two of them.
Magus wants to find Schala. Frog doesn't want to help him. Magus force the knight to help him. They set out to find Schala. They find her. Then the real story starts. Did you ever consider how a child, magician or not, managed to conquer the stupid but still powerful Mystics and became their king? Did you really think that it was that simple?
The other life and the dragon
The sequel to Magus' quest.
So having horrificly real nightmares every night could be overcome. But it would be much simpler if that dragon wouldn't fly around trying to turn you into a living torch. Or a servant with scales.
Molor is acting strange.
Glenn's tablemanners aren't the best either.
And there's this four year old, cute, blue-haired girl who insists on calling the great warlock "uncle Janus". Janus have to find his way through completely new areas. Fighting the giant lizard is just one part of his growing problems.

Departure and reunion
Bittersweet. I seldom write things like this. It contains just the things that the title says. In different forms, and different lives. That is, reincarnation is pondered all over this one. Might seem sad, but there's a lot of joy hiding in the background.

Bored beyond compare
When I wrote this short, mad fic I was... bored beyond compare. But then I wasn't anymore. :) This story has its own place in my heart, since it was the one that brought me into Mazrim Taim's (a wink juuust for you, Maz! And you're well worth it ;) ) world of fan fiction on rpgclassics.
Crono's crew is bored, since Crono, Lucca and Robo are out looking for the Rainbow shell. And when the others get bored, especially Magus, wierd things happen. I mean it. Weird. Wierd like peculiar changes in the genetic map granted by birthright and evil spells.

Final Fantasy 2/4j
Cecil all the way! Not... but he is there, somewhere...

This is the game from Kain's view. He survives it all, whether he likes it or not... and even finds himself in love with someone that shares a good deal of his pain. I just adore impossible coupling, see?
Rydia and Edge
Another sequel! My first pure romantical fic, plunging into the spinning feelings of that plucky caller and foul mouthed ninja as they try to grasp their feelings for each other. The whole universe is eager to help, even some old enemies (a few of them only in dreams, but still they push the matter forward surely without wanting to). I've recieved good feedback on this, so give it a try if you got curious. ;)

Final Fantasy 3/6j
I hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, HATE Kefka! Well... not really. Just get on with it!

Gogo's secret, epilogue
My very first fanfic. It's mostly an experiment, but can be a fun, short read.

This three-part story is dedicated to all my on-line friends on the Vimm's lair ( message board. :)
Moments with Celes
Everybody wants Locke and Celes to be a couple, right? This shows highlights of their relationship during the game and some time afterwards. Cute, and gives a few confusing hints pointing at the next part in this story.
Gogo's secret 2; Another face
No, this is not a sequel to the epilogue. This is something completely different.
E tu Brute. Even I pointed out that Gogo might be Darryl. Then I got a much better idea. And my sister wanted to send me to a shrink for the mere thought of it. :)
Who is Gogo? The eternal question. Somehow I don't think that he's got a nice secret since he's hiding his face like that. Could it be that it's so horrid that he even hates his own reflection? Oh, no. I've said too much already. :)
Worshippers of insanity
First of all: Yes, they are fighting fanatics here. But I wrote this a month before we-all-know-what, and I sincerily apologize if anyone should find anything similar to today's terrorism and this fic. It's absolutely not my intention.
The Cult of Kefka is back, and the heroes slowly realize that they are getting fewer and fewer. The madmen have a plan, and it's not pretty. When Shadow is the first one to fall to the Cult, it's obviously no simple enemy the Warriors are facing. And on the way to the beast's lair, Terra finds herself feeling what she never thought she'd be able to feel, and that towards one of her oldest friends among the heroes...

Tales of Phantasia
Dejap's translation is... interesting :) To say the least. Me and my sister have never laughed so hard when facing a computergame as when Arche gets drunk... ahem. Well, anyhow...

We met in another prisoncell
Short and romantic... Tales of Phantasia deserves some more fanfics! This is about Mint and Cless, as they finally grasp their feelings for each other. First in a not very clean and cozy place, than in an idealic area for sweet romance.

Now here's the reasons for Magus hating me. :) OK, I give. I don't hate Kefka. It's so easy to make fun of him...

Hanging around
Hosted by my little sister (love ya, sis! :) ). A crossover featuring Chrono Trigger, Turtles, Megaman, Legend of Zelda, Secret of Mana, Terrangima, Final Fantasy 2/4j, 5j and 3/6j, Earthbound, Lufia 2, Breath of Fire and for a few moments even Power Rangers. At least until the others find out... >) And they are just... what the title says. Twisted humor for sure...
Monsters of deepest depths of horror
Hey, it's yet another sequel! To a crossover?! Yes :) The heroes from Hanging around assemble again, bringing some other people with them, in order to save all the coolest enemies from a freak in a grey robe. Alas, it shows that the enemy is more powerful and horrid than anything the poor heroes and villains ever have dreamed of!

One of those days
Hi *sniff*... I'b Weiila. I have a really bad cold today *ahhh! Cho!*. Add it seebs like I'b possessed by Dhaos too. Bagus is sdeaking aroudd with evil plads to cut my throat, Carlie is jubping id by bed add Edgar is id by kitched. To dabe a few people idvading by house. *Cho! Sniff...*