FHARLANGHN (the Dweller on the Horizon), Lesser Power, male, N(G)
Attributes: Travel, Roads, Horizons, Distances
Domains: Luck, Protection, Travel
Symbol: Disc with curved line across it (the horizon)
Typical Worshippers: Travelers, wanders, merchants (few), adventurers
Raiment: Brown for urban clerics, green for pastoral.
Preferred Weapon: Staff
Holy Days: Equinoxes, day-long prayer required

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Fharlanghn (far-LAHNG-un) is the Power of travel, distance, roads, and horizons. His feet are restless ever to wander the many worlds of the Prime Material, his eyes ever on the horizon. He is patron of those who walk or ride long distances (including travelers in tunnels, and as such is praised by those who must use mountain passes or travel in the Underdark),

Fharlanghn is portrayed as a middle-aged man with weathered and wrinkled brown skin and bright green eyes. He is plain-clothed and unencumbered, carrying only an iron-shod staff and a disc with a curved surface representing the horizon. The disc is made of many woods and is inlaid with jade and turquoise. A bright golden sun-disc is set into the object. Fharlanghn is known to use the disc for divinations.

People need to move about and see new things. Be open to travel, as the world may change overnight and you may be in need of a new home or perspective. Look to the horizon for inspiration - the far end of the world has new peoples, new cultures, new magic, and new roads to walk.

Since travel is perilous in much of Wearth, folk turn to Fharlanghn with offerings, if not actual worship. His clerics number few, a wandering fellowship. Services to the Power are always outdoors, preferably under a sunny sky, and involve telling of traveler’s tales, sharing stories of good people, and bestowing blessings on the worshipers while drinking ale and sharing simple food.

This is a small wandering church, ever eager to set foot on the road. The clerics are practical folk, yet trusting and almost na´ve in their faith. Collecting tales of the road, recording them, or drawing scenes from far lands are the delight of these clerics. They are kindly people who always offer generosity to other travelers. The church does include some urban members, but these are elderly clerics whose traveling days are done.