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African Goddesses

Yoruba goddess of wealth.
Ghanaian oracular goddess.
Earth and fertility goddess of the Ibo people of Nigeria. Also a goddess of the underworld. Daughter of the great god Chuku.
Moon goddess of the Suk and Pokot in Kenya and Uganda.
Asase Ya:
(Asase Yaa )
Ashanti earth-goddess.
Goddess of wealth of the Gan of Ghana.
Kafa (Ethiopia) fertility goddess.
Fon (Benin) hearth goddess.
Bera Pennu:
Khond (Bengal) vegetation goddess. Formerly the recipient of human sacrifice.
Nuer (Sudan) river goddess.
Chameleon deity of Benin (Dahomey).
Fon god and goddess.The dual creator god of the Fon of Dahomey, Mawu-Lisa can be broken down into the male part (Lisa) and the female (Mawu).
Kikuyu creator goddess.
Rain queen of the Lovedu people of the Transvaal.
Nana Buluku:
(Nana, Nan Nan, Nana Baruku, Na Na Baraclou, Boucalou)
With that spelling she is the primordial creator goddess of the Fon Nation of Benin (Dahomey). Nzambi:
(Nzambi Mpungu) Great goddess of the Bakongo people of the Congo.
Yoruba earth goddess and creator deity.
Of the Triad of Ancient Mothers in Yoruba mythology. The power of love and sensuality. She is depicted sometimes as an old wise woman sad at the loss of her beauty. She is patroness of rivers and the bloodstream.
Yoruba goddess of Niger river. In the Triad of the Ancient Mothers she represents maternal power and passion. Oya was the warrior goddess of the wind. Also represents the winds of change. As Yoruban goddess of the marketplace she creates changes in fortune. Her power is associated with lightning, tornadoes, cemeteries and death. She is the orisa of creative power and action. They say every breath we take is the gift of Oya.
Female demon of Morocco.
Yoruba river and lake goddess. She is one of the Triad of Ancient Mothers. She is considered the mother of many gods and all life giving water. She is also the mother of waters who gave birth to all the world's waters. She has a strong, nurturant, life-giving yet furiously destructive nature. She is considered the Great Witch, the ultimate manifestation of female power.