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Clan Pestilence Rules
Rule One
Most of the clan members are very mature role players. If you can't handle being in mature situations then you shouldn't even think about joining.
Rule Two
This clan is not about mun bashing. Yet, we are mature enough to just ignore it. Those who can't handle being bashed should just shoot them selves.
Rule Three
All members must reach atleast d80 by the time that two weeks (14 days) of being a clan member. Exceptions will be passed out if a LOA.
Rule Four
Clan members should fill out an update form for every +5 sides they go up or when ever they buy an enhancer or when a new registration is earned
Rule Five
Clan members must receive an healer and priest registration from the governments that Clan Pestilence is within.
Rule Six
All races will be allowed within the clan.