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"And I will send the sword, the famine, and the pestilence, among them, till they be consumed from off the land"
Jeremiah 24:10
Exercept from the diary of Ananya :
Thought to date from circa 1200 bc
  ".. a new world was opened before me. Shiva has transformed this lowly one, I am no longer a slave. I am free. And a vast world has opened before me. For I shall end the old ways... "
  Ah, the naivete with which I viewed the world in those days just after my transformation. I thought that all doors would open to me with what I saw as Shiva's blessing. How was I to know that Shiva didn't exist and that what had happened to me was meant as a curse, not a gift?
  I was a rarety among beings. The only one of my kind. I would be shunned by all who saw me. But that would not stop. No, instead it simply spurred me on. It encouraged me to grow stronger, to discover the benefis of the curse. I turned what was simply a joking experiment by a passing mage into something more. I became the god he had professed to be. Mortals worshipped at my feet. I surplanted Shiva, I became the Destroyer and the giver of life as I turned chosend disciples into godlings like myself. Sacrifices were made in my name. Until the dawning of a new era I was god. But with that dawning came a disaster I wreaked on mankind.
Exercept from the diary of Ananya :
Circa 1st Century A.D.
"...we've done it at laste.. we've found a way to rid ourselves of these men who turned on us so. A disease so horrid that none will escape alive. A plague that our minions shall carry in advance of us. We will wipe them from the face of the earth if it is the last thing we do ... "
  They turned on us, the found new gods to worship. That would not be allowed. We would teach them a lesson...
  ...I shall never forget the night when those mortals who had so slavishly adored and worshipped us came to destroy us. They had not even the courage to do it face to face. Instead I awoke to the smell of burning timber as they attempted to roast us alive. I and a handful of my childer escaped that night. And the justice we claimed from disobedient servants was harsh and swift. None were left unscathed by the path of destruction we left that night. It was then we realized that mankind could not be trusted, ever...
  And so it was that our minions carried that disease for us in the form of the little pests that rid on their bodies. We destroyed millions over the next centuries, leaving death and destruction wherever we went. But alas, it was not time for complete domination yet. And besides, had we destroyed them all who would be left to worship us on the day of reckoning. A god is powerless without a servant.
  So now, we will wait. We will bide our time until our numbers have grown so that they will never be able to defeat us.. Prudence is the course of action for now.
Exercept from the diary of Ananya :
Date Unknown
"... He has turned on me. I shall very likely not see the 'morrow. I trusted him as I have never trusted any of my childer. He was beloved by me above all others. But that was not enough for him. No, he wished to be ruler of all and so it was that he came to destroy me. He has learned nothing I see, my foolish Rashe.."
  I remember the first time I saw him. I had left behind my childer searching for peace. So many of them were a disappointment to me. They slavishly hung on every word, ever thing I bid them to do. I was torn between the desire to destroy them all and begin again or to simply wait it out in hopes that they would grow to be like me in time. After all, they were so young. Just babes compared to me.
  To keep myself from acting out this terrible idea upon my young ones, I left. I changed my form as I had so long ago learned to do and explored the world for weeks. It was during these roamings that I found him, his frail mortal form laying so close to death. Something about him caught my attention. There was some odd strength and intelligence that I saw in eyes, clouding already with death.
  I could not stop myself. A simple bite and he was mine.. I favored him, set him up above all others. He outshone all of my other children. How could I have known then that he would turn his back on all that I had placed in his hands. I suppose it was simply for greed, a trait which seemed so inherant in our kind. The desire for power.
  Alas, now all the rest of my children lay dead and I await my own as it slowly approaches. And Rashe, he has gone to create a new generation of our breed in a new land... I wonder, will he succeed......