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References to any and all products of White Wolf are in no way meant as any type of infringement, copyright, or otherwise!

This is a chronicle that I began in Carbondale, while going to school. I have gotten to Springfield and hope that Derek and I can continue hosting a Werewolf game. The back-story for this game starts with the "Children of the Night" chronicle. This was the chronicle we where running in Carbondale. To bring every one up to speed, a nexus crawler had entered the city of Salem it killed almost every one in the city that stayed to fight it. One of the Packs to survive was the Werewolf pack that is now the alpha pack. Through the Players determination the city might survive. This city has a rich history with the Garou nation that should not be forgotten, I canít give too much info here without ruining some of the plot. So come and join us in what should be an interesting tale!

This page is meant to help the players of the game know about house rule.

Due to recent events in my life and the life of my co storyteller we are not sure when the start of this larp will be I will post the info as soon as possible.

Ok I have some Info on when the game should be running, once a month on either the first or third Saturday evening. The game should be held at the Springfield game store.

Rob Reedy Head and Experience Storyteller
Derek DeJarnett Combat and Influence Storyteller
David DeJarnett Narrator for Bastet,Gurahl,and,Mokole'
Muiream Dejarnet Narrator for Corax and Nuwisha  

Here is some more to drool on.

Tribs this is a page that has ooc information on charictors remember this is out of charictor!

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last played with on 11/18/03
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