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The Known History of the World.



-45 AD The Great High Clerist Galvious born unto this world.
0 AD Decimation of the lands.  Very little left.  The benevolent Hextor steps in and helps rebuild.  Elves found to be the cause of the decimation.  Decimation caused Recorded history to be lost up to this point.
5 AD Cleric Massacre.  Elves second attempt at destroying human race.  Hextor rises up against the elves.
6-7 AD Purification.  Elves rounded up and made into slaves.
12-16 AD Unification of surrounding lands under Galvious rule.
20 AD High Clerist Garien succeeds Galvious as ruler.
25 AD Complete foundation of Argoth, new Capital City.  City walls Complete.
30-34 AD Dwarven trade routes in trouble from Giant raids.  The Army of Hextor (The Fist) comes to rescue and defeats giants.
35 AD The Fist's size decreased in half due to devastatingly recent war with the giants.  Mandatory 2 year enlistment begins.
41 AD Galvious Dies of old age.  Museum built in honor of First high Clerist.  Statue erected inside of museum.
45 AD High Clerist Herold succeeds Garien as ruler.
54 AD Garien dies of old age. Statue of Garien erected alongside the First High Clerist in the Museum.
75 AD Expedition to the Pine Woods ends in disaster.  Woods declared off-limits and warnings posted.   
76 AD Herold dies of elven poison.  High Clerist Thorl succeeds Herold as ruler.
112 AD Old tri-fort ruins explored by a band of adventurers.   They come back horribly scarred and crazed.  'School for the Afflicted' built in old district.
113 AD Thorl assassinated by elves.  High Clerist Golien succeeds Thorl as ruler.
140 AD High Clerist Krolen succeeds Golien as ruler.
145 AD Mountain fortresses built along the Flame Wood Pass to protect the caravans along the trade route to Krondour.
175 AD Tir-Tairel on the Eastern Plains is over run with orcs.
176 AD Refugees from the Tir-Tairel move to the hamlet of Luinet and prosper under the care of Hextor.
190 AD High Clerist Golen succeeds aging Krolen as ruler. 
220 AD High Clerist Thelas succeeds Golen as ruler. 
223 AD Krolen dies of old age and statue built alongside the First High Clerist. Hailed as a great hero.
250 AD High Clerist Tarin succeeds Thelas as ruler. 
280 AD High Clerist Havorauth succeeds Tarin as ruler. 
287-299 AD Ancient Red Dragon makes home near Crater Lake.  Not seen after 299 AD
300 AD Havorauth hailed as great hero for removing the Red Dragon threat.
315 AD High Clerist Golbar succeeds Havorauth as ruler. 
337 AD Havorauth dies in seclusion.  Statue erected in Museum for him.
345 AD High Clerist Torvic succeeds Golbar as ruler. 
375 AD High Clerist Jundar succeeds Torvic as ruler. 
405 AD High Clerist Orlandis succeeds Jundar as ruler. 
408-416 AD The Hyndichaun Plague years.  Gnomes completely wiped out.
413 AD Orlandis dies from the cross-species plague.  High Clerist Rugero Succeeds.
445 AD High Clerist Thoran succeeds Rugero as ruler. 
450 AD Elven Games formed. 
505 AD High Clerist Gosif succeeds Thoran as ruler. 
530 AD High Clerist Tomis succeeds Gosif as ruler. 
550 AD 100th year of the Elven games.  Big celebration.   Small museum erected in Coliseum for the best fighters in the games.
565 AD High Clerist Heron succeeds Tomis as ruler. 
595 AD High Clerist Gavin succeeds Heron as ruler.
600 AD Gavin killed during mercy mission to Karvia. High Clerist Gramis succeeds as ruler.
635 AD High Clerist Bomis succeeds Gramis as ruler.
640 AD Expedition across the Western Mountains into the Naelu Wastes began.
642 AD The Bral race discovered in the Naelu Wastes.
650-665 AD Argosian War with the Bral.  Bral defeated.
665 AD Bomis dies in combat, hailed as hero of the Argosian War.   Statue erected in Museum.  High Clerist Galtos succeeds as ruler.
695 AD High Clerist Johan succeeds Galtos as ruler.
720 AD High Clerist Tyan succeeds Johan as ruler.
750 AD High Clerist Kolbin succeeds Tyan as ruler.
754-768 AD Second Argosian war with the Bral.  Bral wiped out.
768 AD High Clerist Kolbin dies near end of Argosian war.  High Clerist Torran succeeds as ruler.  Kolbin hailed as War hero and statue placed in Museum.
795 AD High Clerist Vandril succeeds Torran as ruler.
820 AD High Clerist Denus succeeds Vandril as ruler.
822 AD Trandishar overrun with new outbreak of Hyndichaun Plague.   High Clerist Denus destroys Trandishar to stop the plague from spreading.
845 AD High Clerist Jesar succeeds Denus as ruler.
861 AD Denus dies of old age.  Hailed as hero, a statue is erected in museum
870 AD High Clerist Brovan succeeds Jesar as ruler.
897 AD Csighd built on fertile lands in the Eastern Plains next to River Temms.
900 AD High Clerist Horus succeeds Brovan as ruler.
902 AD Csighd trade routes established with Argoth and Krondour to the north
925 AD High Clerist Daeve succeeds Horus as ruler.
947 AD Csighd attacked by orcs.