Position Science Officer
Race Human
Sex Male
Birthplace New England Colony
Age 22 years
Height 5 ft. 11in.
Weight 12 st.
Eyes Brown
Hair Blonde

Peter Jago


  • Brian Jago - Father
  • Christine Jago - Mother


Peter was born on the New England Colony, in a cave in the middle of a blizzard. His parents were on their way home, when they were caught by the blizzard. They took shelter in a cave and it was then that his mother went into labour. They managed to keep Peter warm in the cave until a search party turned up and found them. Unfortuanately, his mother died in the cave from hypothermia.

Peter grew up raised by his father on the USS Darwin, a science vessel. He went to school there with the other children where they were all taught a great deal of science. Brian soon found that his son had a natural flair for science like his mother had. He was even solving problems with the crew, when he was only fourteen years old. It was then that his father told him that he could join Starfleet and how to do it. Peter was eager to accept this and awaited the day when he could join the academy.

When he turned seventeen, the Darwin passed by Vulcan. His father arranged for him to stay on Vulcan learning from Telok, an old friend of his. One year later, Telok brought Peter to Earth where he enrolled in the Starfleet Science Academy.

It didn't take long for his tutors to realise that this young man was going to turn out to be a brilliant scientist one day. He absorbed all the informatio nthrown at him, and solved all problems placed in his path.

He graduated from the academy one year early, as there wasn't anything else the tutors could teach him.

He was offered a deep space assignment aboard Star Base 901, working with Paul Deveraux, another one of the great Federation scientists, but Peter refused. He wanted to return to Vulcan and learn more from Telok.

Starfleet granted this request, so that they could then use him for more comlex scientific research when he had finished on Vulcan. He currently resides on Vulcan with Telok.



Peter can be incredibly arrogant at times. Sometimes he forgets that some people can't follow his complex theories. But apart from that, he is a very open, friendly person. Always willing to help, and usually able to with fantastic results.

As a result of living on Vulcan, he has picked up the habit of thinking a bit more logically than a normal human.

He has majors in stellar cartography, worm whole physics, quantum mechanics, solar activity and bio-engineering.