Position Engineer
Race Human
Sex Female
Birthplace California, Earth
Age 22 years
Height 5 ft. 7 in.
Weight 8 st.
Eyes Blue
Hair Blonde

Stephanie Adams


  • Anthony Adams - Father
  • Caroline Adams - Mother


Stephanie was born into a wealthy family in Los Angeles. Her parents cared for her a great deal, as she was their only daughter... one they thought they would never be able to have. Because of this, she found herself in a very comfortable life with everything she could want given to her.

She didn't become lazy from this life, and did well in school. When she hit her teens, boys and parties however took over from schooling and her grades dropped a little due to all the parties she went too instead. When she took her finals, she didn't get the results she needed to get into a civil engineering school on Earth. Instead, she was advised to apply for an engineering course at Starfleet academy. She regretfully accepted this alternative and was accepted into the academy at age 18.

She made a promise to herself a the beginning of the academy that she wouldn't fail at this, and to cut back on the partying. She did cut back, and graduated with a decent grade. She was not in the top of her class, so wasn't immediately given an assignment. She is currently awaiting assignment on Earth.


Stephanie has a very warm personality... friendly with almost anyone, and not usually a person to fall out or argue with anyone, alhough she may feel different.

She does suffer from depression spells if a lot of emotional stress or other stressful things hit her all at once, but she has neve before allowed this to interfere with her life or work and hides it well.

Eager and multitalened, always willing to learn more, she is a very valuable member of any crew.