Tyran Dinara

Rank Ensign
Position Assitant Counsellor
Race Bajoran
Sex Female
Birthplace Bajor
Age 23 years
Height 5 ft. 8in.
Weight 110 lbs.
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown



  • Jin Jurad - Father
  • Jin Lessa - Mother
  • Jin Nevey - Sister
  • Tyran Nige - Husband


Dinara grew up on Bajor as a friend of Tyran Nige. They went through school together and ended up dating for a while. When Nige joined Starfleet, she was entrusted to look after Nige's cat.
She missed Nige and decided that she would also join Starfleet, two years later. She graduated with high honours as a counsellor and was put on active duty.
She specifically requested a position aboard the Knight in a hope to once more be with Nige. She later transferred with him to the USS Ronin


Very over protective of Tyran, and get's jealous easily. She can be very bossy at times and is obsessive about cleaning. She can be annoying when you first meet her, particularly if your a woman who knows Nige. Deep down thought, she is a very caring person.

Service Record

  • USS Knight
  • USS Ronin
  • USS Ronin-A

Player's Name

Chris Wood