Race Fellus Cattus (Cat)
Sex Male
Birthplace Bajor
Age 4
Height 1 ft.
Weight 18 Ibs.
Eyes Yellow
Hair Black



Torasu belongs to Nige Tyran. He was given to Nige by his parents while he still lived on Bajor. They got him as a kitten from a ferengi trader. As they had never seen a cat before, they thought it would be an interesting gift. When Nige left for Starfleet Academy, he left his cat with Dinara Jin, and when she left, she left the cat with Niges parents.

When the USS Knight was docked at DS9, Nige took a trip to Bajor to get Torasu who came to live with him on the ship.

In general, Torasu has not caused any problems onboard shipp and has adapted to ship life well. He is treated by the computer as a member of the crew and has free access to most parts of the ship, although obviously he can't activate turbolifts, so is limited to certain decks.

Torasu, is currently aboard the USS Ronin along with Nige and Dinara. However Captain Evans does not like animals, and therefore doesn't usually allow them on his ship. Torasu has recently been discovered and now has limited access to certain parts of the ship.

While transporting the Gemini Device, Torasu managed to inadvertantly activate the device and created an evil duplicate of himself.

Player's Name

Chris Wood