Adam James "AJ" Talsmin

Rank Master Chief
Position Senior Operations Officer
Race Human
Sex Male
Birthplace USA, Earth
Age 30 years
Eyes Blue
Hair Brown


  • Patrick Talsmin - Brother
  • Jeffrey Talsmin - Brother


Adam James Talsmin was born on Earth in the "breadbasket" of the former United States of America. A.J. grew up on his parent's farm along with his two older brothers Patrick and Jeffrey. On the farm, he worked on repairing farming machinery and other nicknacks around the house. When he turned eighteen, the dream of space travel struck him as an ideal place to be. He wanted to go out and explore strange new worlds, and meet people of new civilizations. What better place to do this then Starfleet? He sent an application to Starfleet Academy, but was rejected do to a few of the minimum criteria. Instead, he enlisted normally.

Since he was good at repairing things and was knowledgeable about the functions of machinery, he was initially instructed as an engineer. To the surprise of his instructors, however, he knew much of the functioning of systems such as life support, sensors, probes, and the liking, and he was switched over to operations. At the end of basic training, he was granted the ranking of Yeoman.

His first assignment was to the Starfleet Deep Space Rescue and Salvage School. There, he was trained in the arts of quick repair and jurry-rigging, along with extra vehicular activity and low to no atmosphere rescue. Because of his excellent mechanical skills, A.J. was a quick learner and was soon enough an instructor at the school at the rank of Senior Petty Officer.

After his stint as an instructor, he was transferred to the USS Maine, an Akira class vessel assigned to patrol the outskirts of the Alpha Quadrant. On the Maine, A.J. was chief mechanic onboard, responsible for the repair and maitnance of over forty different small spacecraft ranging from small shuttles to scout vessels. Onboard the Maine, A.J. was promoted to Chief Petty Officer, and received a commendation for excellent service. After two tours onboard the Maine, A.J. was called upon to enter Starfleet Academy again to become an officer. A.J. enjoyed his life as a non-enlistedman too much and refused. Due to the need for officers, Starfleet was nearly demanding that he either become an officer, or resort to a teaching facility. Starfleet felt at the operational life of thirty, an enlistedman ought to become an officer, or his knowledge was too valuable to be on a solitary vessel, and he should be teaching classes. Effectively, the *Ronin* is A.J.'s last tour onboard a Federation vessel before he plans to retire back to the farm.

Service Record

  • Starfleet Deep Space Rescue And Salvage School
  • USS Maine
  • USS Ronin
  • USS Ronin-A

Player's Name

Drew Sniegowski