Into The Unknown



This season was written in conjunction with the USS Leviathan, so these posts probably don't make a whole lot of sense on their own. To read the Leviathan's epiosdes as well, go here.
  Episode   Title   Author
  201   Where The Hell Are We?   Ryan Evans
  202   Making Repairs   Elias McQueen
  203   Back Up And On-line   Elias McQueen
  204   On Her Feet   Elias McQueen
  205   On The Surface   Benosk
  206   Reporting The Facts   Tricia McMillan
  207   The Search For Allies   Ryan Evans
  208   Recap   Ryan Evans
  209   The Proletarians (Part 1)   Ryan Evans
  210   The Proletarians (Part 2)   Ryan Evans
  211   Confusion   Tricia McMillan
  212   A Trap?   Ryan Evans
  213   Mission Briefing   Benosk
  214   Defensive Breakthrough   Benosk
  215   Proletarian Surprise   Ryan Evans
  216   Enroute To Arial   Ryan Evans
  217   Examination   Benosk
  218   Insurrection   Ryan Evans
  219   The Lost Crew   Tricia McMillan
  220   What To Do Next?   Benjamin Heim
  221   Installing Benosk's Dampening Field   Link McCloud
  222   Catch Up   Benjamin Heim
  223   A Rescue Attempt? Or An Insane Rampage??   Benjamin Heim
  224   Escape   Benosk
  225   Follow That Cab   Tricia McMillan
  226   Let's Go To The Bridge   Benosk
  227   A Brave Sacrifice   Ryan Evans
  228   Rescue (Part 1)   Tricia McMillan
  229   Rescue (Part 2)   Tricia McMillan
  230   Rescue (Part 3)   Tricia McMillan
  231   The Second Escape   Ryan Evans
  232   Back Onboard   Ryan Evans
  233   Kobyashi Maru   Ryan Evans
  234   The Return Home   Ryan Evans
  235   Commander Heim   Ryan Evans
  236   Briefing With Command   Ryan Evans
  237   Return To Earth (Part 1)   Kira Markos
  238   Reassignment   Tyran Nige
  239   Return To Earth (Part 2)   Kira Markos
  240   Nightmares   Tyran Nige
  241   A Hard Decision (Part 1)   Ryan Evans