Scott Rawsthorne

Rank Lieutenant (JG)
Position Acting Chief Engineer
Race Human
Sex Male
Birthplace USS Dominance
Age 29
Height 5 ft 11
Weight 13 st
Eyes Brown
Hair Black


  • Sheila Rawsthorne - Mother
  • Daniel Rawsthorne - Father


Scott was born onboard the USS Dominance, and was raised aboard by both parents who served onboard the ship. Scott had no real interest in joining Starfleet Adademy at first, but soon did, when he found out a certain woman was joining. He got in, and enrolled as an engineer, same as her. Throughout his years at the academy, he continually tried things on with her, but with no success.

Eventually, he graduated and was posted aboard the USS Scorpio under Captain Ian Waters. He served with distinction here, apart from occassionally getting into a bit of trouble over a woman. When the Scorpio was destroyed in the Mulluran war, Scott was sent to Starbase 901, to await reassignment.

When Captain Waters was reassigned as Captain of the Ronin and found that there was no chief engineer aboard, he offered the job to Scott temporarily.

Special Abilities


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