Jamie Piper

Rank Ensign
Position Admiral's Aide
Race Human
Sex Female
Birthplace Earth
Age 24 years
Height 5 ft. 8
Weight 130 lbs.
Eyes Brown
Hair Blonde


Jamie Piper entered Starfleet with the romantic notion of "seeing the galaxy," but even after the romanticism was dispelled by the reality of Starfleet Academy, she stuck to her guns and managed to graduate with honors.

After being posted to Starbase 11 for eight months, and then the Argus Array for four months, Piper's dream to see the galaxy was finally realized beyond her wildest dreams. She was assigned to the USS Knight, which was scheduled to embark on a long exploratory mission into unknown space beyond the former Cardassian Empire as the Captain's Yeoman.

When the CO of the Knight, Commodore Jeffrey Pike, eventually left the Knight and was reassigned to Starfleet Headquarters, Yeoman Piper decided to go with him out of a sense of loyalty, and later joined Pike again on the USS Ronin during the Second Kelvan War.


Jamie Piper is a young, optimistic, and slightly naïve woman. She is friendly and open, and very loyal to her boss, Admiral Pike.

She is extremely efficient, and can juggle many tasks at once - an important ability for the assistant to Starfleet's Chief of Operations.

Service Record

  • Starbase 11
  • The Argus Array
  • USS Knight
  • USS Ronin-A

Player's Name

Chris Wood