Jeffrey Pike

Rank Admiral
Position Federation Ambassador
Race Human
Sex Male
Birthplace Mojave, Earth
Age 42 years
Height 5 ft. 11
Weight 171 lbs.
Eyes Blue
Hair Dark Brown


  • Christopher Pike - Grand Father
  • Vina - Grand Mother
  • Steve Pike - Father
  • Lauren Pike - Mother
  • Todd Pike - Uncle
  • Dusty Pike - Uncle


Jeffrey Pike has a distinguished lineage. His grandfather is decorated Star Service Fleet Captain Christopher Pike, and his grandmother is Vina, the lone survivor of the ill-fated science ship S.S. Columbia that crash-landed on the forbidden planet Talos IV in 2232. Captain Pike and Vina had three children, Todd, Dusty, and Steve. After the birth of Steve, the children were returned to the Federation from Talos IV for reasons classified under General Order Seven. The three of them were raised by close relatives in Mojave. Steve eventually became acquainted with and later married a young woman named Lauren Goodwin, and two and a half years later they had their only child, Jeffrey.

Jeffrey Pike entered Starfleet Academy as a Midshipman at age 19, where he majored in Spatial Navigation and Warp Drive Engineering.

While serving aboard the USS Jurassic during the initial planetary survey of Chamelar IX, he discovered and apprehended a Chameloid who had used its abilities of cellular metamorphosis to take the form of a fellow crewmember in an attempt to infiltrate Starfleet. After distinguishing himself in the Battle of Wolf 359 aboard the USS Grimalkan, one of the very few vessels that survived that conflict, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and positioned as Chief Security Officer onboard the USS Sentinel. During the Federation-Dominion War, that vessel was destroyed. Pike, for his bravery and cunning, was promoted again to Captain and given the command of the U.S.S. Excalibur-C. While Captain, Pike participated in over two hundred planetary surveys. He accepted promotion to Commodore at age 41, and was given command of the USS Knight, the premier exploration vessel of the Alpha Quadrant.

Upon the successful completion of the "Kelvan Illusion Test", as Starfleet came to call it, Admiral Ross promoted Commodore Pike to the rank of Rear Admiral and assigned him to StarFleet Command, in the capacity of Chief of Operations.

Pike's psychological profile shows him to be slightly introverted, with an aggression index of 38 (unusually low for starship commanders). He is prone to very mild fits of depression and daydreaming, although not to an extent detrimental to his duties.

Pike has had no serious romances since becoming XO on the Excalibur-C. A mild fixation on his ship or present assignment seems to have served as an emotional block in this respect.

Service Record

  • USS Jurassic
  • USS Grimalkin
  • USS Sentinel
  • USS Excalibur-C
  • USS Knight
  • Starfleet Command
  • USS Ronin-A

Player's Name

Richard Merk