Sean O'Neal

Rank Lieutenant
Position Chief Of Security
Race Human
Sex Male
Birthplace Dublin, Earth
Age 27 years
Eyes Brown
Hair Black


  • Patrick O'Neal - Father


Sean O'Neal, is the second son of Patrick O'Neal. His father owned a Pub in Dublin Ireland on Earth, that has been owned by 56 Generations of O'Neal's.

At the age of 14 Patrick O'Neal told his sone he was going to make a good name for the family by becoming the first O'Neal to enroll at Star Fleet Academy. Sean was excited at the news.

For the next three years he studied and did well in athletics. And in the Summer of 2375 Sean took his entrence exam, and passed.

The first three years Sean studied and did extreamly well in Athletics. He was invited in his fourth year to join Red Squad. He accepted, and did very well there.

In 2379 Sean earned a Commission, and a Major in Security, and minor in Science. He was posted on the USS New Jersey, as security officer, and did fairly well.

On the New Jersey Ensign O'Neal came good friends with the Chief Of Security Lt. Opaka a Bajoran officer. In 2383 Sean was promoted to Lieutenant JG, and was given a job on earth.

This assignment was a very unpleasent assignment. It was security on Star Fleet's R&D building. However after many request for transfer, he was posted On the USS onin-A

Service Record

  • USS New Jersey
  • Starfleet R&D
  • USS Ronin-A

Player's Name

John Lee