Kalin Jerico

Rank Lieutenant (JG)
Position Chief Engineer
Race Human
Sex Male
Birthplace Tokyo, Terra, Sol
Age 24
Height 5 ft 10
Weight 182 lbs
Eyes Green
Hair Black


  • Sheila Rawsthorne - Mother
  • Daniel Rawsthorne - Father


Born in Toyko, Japan to American parents, his name didn't fit in correctly, so he shortened in to Kal. Kal was free-spirited, and always dreamed of having his own spaceship. He attended Starfleet Academy to learn all about starships, and how they work. After Starfleet Academy, he didn't join a Federation ship, but instead built his own ship, the "Bounty's Choice", had made a small fortune in smuggling illegal substances for the Ferengi and various other races. He was attacked once by some unhappy customers. The Bounty's Choice was badly damaged, and was left adrift. Luckily, a Federation ship was passing by, and he was rescued. He thanked Starfleet by finally joining as a Engineer, his second favourite job, the first being smuggling.


Cheeky and Sly, but friendly, and easy to get on with. Sometimes tricks people via various hoaxes, gags, and holo-programs. He was once said to of beamed two people into a holodeck, where a program of the same ship was running. He tricked them into falling in love with each other, before ending the program. Somehow, nobody traced him.


Creating Holodeck Programs for people, Tricking people and flying in the "Bounty's Choice"

Special Abilities

Expert in holodecks

Player's Name

Craig Mackie