William Hancock

Rank Lieutenant (JG)
Position Chief Medical Oficer
Race Human
Sex Male
Birthplace London, Earth
Age 26 years
Height 5 ft. 11in.
Weight 174 lbs.
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown



  • Edward Hancock - Father


William Hancock, is a second generation physician, but the first person in his family to enter Star Fleet. He was born on Earth 26 years ago, to Doctor. Edward Hancock a local and much respected Physician in London.

Will as his father called him, was bored at the thought of being stranded in one place like his father, and to be 58 years old and never seen anything other then Ole London. In 2375 William enrolled in Star Fleet Medical school. Their he excelled very well, and was given a 3 week internship on a starbase, during his 3rd year in Medical school. This excited William very much, seeing things he had only studied.

In 2383 he graduated 5th in his class, and a paper mistake caused him to be assigned at Star Fleet Medical, and teach basic field surgery. Hancock was very disappointed in this and nearly resigned his commission, however he put in a transfer and was accepted on the USS Ronin-A, under Captain Ryan.

While at earth Hancock managed to schedule pilot lessons on certain craft, and earned a class three pilot license. He was even thinking of changing his field of specialty but was talked out of it cause of his father.


William speaks with a London accent, and is a avid chess, and poker player. He enjoys a good a adventure novel, and is a little too willing to be in the front lines of any action.

Service Record

  • Starfleet Medical
  • USS Ronin-A

Player's Name

Jarrett Horswill