Steven Gregholt

Rank Lieutenant (JG)
Position Chief Engineer
Race Human
Sex Male
Birthplace Utah, Earth
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown


Steven Gregholt was born and raised in a small valley in Northern Utah.

Steven was 18 when he entered Starfleet academy. He majored in Engineering, but had a well rounded education.

Steven lost two of his fingers on his right had in an explosion while at home visiting his parents during a break from the Academy. His family all died in the explosion, except for one sister, who now lives in Idaho.
Steven now has learned to type with his two fingers missing, and also learned to do farm work. He is occupies himself either learning a new skill, reading, or playing a game of Chess.


Steven has a nice personality, and can get along with almost anyone. But, if needed, he can confront others, and keep a calm mind, thinking everything through before acting.

Service Record

  • USS Ronin
  • USS Ronin-A

Player's Name

Alex Blodgett