Ryan Evans

Rank Captain
Position Commanding Officer
Race Human
Sex Male
Birthplace Milford Haven, Earth
Age 38 years
Height 6 ft.
Weight 182 lbs.
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown


  • John Evans - Father
  • Ceridwen Evans - Mother
  • Nicola Evans - Sister
  • Luc Evans - Son
  • Maya Evans - Daughter


Evans was born in Wales on Earth. He found space travel fascinating ever since his first journey in space at the age of six. He joined starfllet at the early age of seventeen. He trained as a security officer and was posted as an ensign aboard the USS Constantinople. He remained there for five years as an ensign until the security chief transferred and Ryan took the position. A few weeks later he gained a promotion to Lieutenant JG. He later transferred to the USS Zambezi. As chief tactical officer with a promotion to full Lieutenant. Here he remained with another promotion to Lieutenant Commander.

Six years later he became first officer of the USS Britain. Was offered his own ship a few times, but never accepted it until now. He is now the Captain of the USS Ronin.

Whilst onboard the Ronin, he has led her and her crew through the Barien war, and managed to bring her back in one piece from the Andromeda Galaxy after Q had put them there after a struggle between two powerful races wanting to enslave the Federation crew.


Ryan is usually quite friendly and doesn't shy away from socialising with low ranking crew. He speaks with a slight Welsh accent and enjoys playing tennis. He also plays guitar

Service Record

  • USS Constantinople
  • USS Zambezi
  • USS Britain
  • USS Ronin
  • USS Ronin-A



Player's Name

Chris Wood