Karissa Lyanna Bentara

Rank Lieutenant Commander
Position Ship Counsellor
Race Human (Genetically Enhanced)
Sex Female
Birthplace Kritarus
Age 28 years
Height 5 ft. 10 in.
Weight 126 lbs.
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown



  • Dr. Helorian Drakara - Father (Deceased)
  • Ryan Bentara - Foster Father
  • Amalie Bentara - Foster Mother
  • Joshan Bentara - Foster Brother


Karissa was rescued from a fire on the planet of Kritarus. However, there was no record of her birth, and the house that she was rescued from belonged to a research scientist who was killed in the fire. His name was Dr. Helorian Drakara. He had no wife and usually spent most of his time in his lab. There was no cause identified for the fire. Only that it could have been accidental, starting in the lab.

When Karissa was rescued and treated for smoke inhalation and minor burns, they ran a DNA scan on her only to find it a very confusing mess. She had Terran, feline and unknown DNA. However, since she was an infant and was around six months old, she was placed in the care, and eventually adopted by a family on Kritarus. The family was Dr. Ryan Bentara and his wife Amalie (both half Betazoid and Terran). They had not been able to conceive children on their own at the time. She was raised a very happy and well adjusted child, though she did have constant nightmares and strange scars on her back.

When she was still very young it was discovered that she was empathic, followed by telepathic. Many believe that she is capable of other things, but she hasn't confirmed this yet. She has incredible athletic abilites and can jump very far and she always seems to land on her feet. She excelled in school and to meet her potential the teachers had to give her more difficult work. When she was fifteen, she graduated required schooling and decided Starfleet was where she wanted to be. At sixteen she entered the academy and excelled in a wide range of areas. But she was mostly drawn to psychology and decided that being a ship's counselor was for her.

Once she completed her training, she took a residency at Starfleet Medical on Earth and stayed on for several more years. However, after a few years she became restless, like something in her wanted her to leave Earth and search out the unknown, as if she could discover where she was from.

Her adopted parents eventually did settle on Earth to be with their daughter, and to everyone's surprise, they conceived a child of their own. Karissa's little brother was born as she was leaving, but she fell in love with him and to this day stays in touch when she can. Her brother's name is Joshan. That was five years ago.

She was with the USS Cole until it was finally decomissioned in a large ceremony on Earth to celebrate the history of all the ships barring the name USS Cole and to those who lived and lost their lives on those ships. Because of the USS Cole being decomissioned is why Karissa was transfered to the Ronin.


She is very creative. Loves to write. Has an affinity for animals, especially cats. She can handle herself well and when particularly upset she works her frustrations out in the holodeck with physically demanding programs. She loves children and someday hopes to have her own. But she wants to know what she is and where she's really from and that is her ultimate quest in life. So far there have been no answers. For now, she is content in helping others with their problems and to help her shipmates on any missions they might need her help with.

Service Record

  • Starfleet Medical
  • USS Cole
  • USS Ronin
  • USS Ronin-A

Player's Name

Krystina Stressman