Andruk Andres

Rank Ensign
Position Tactical Officer
Race Human / Klingon
Sex Male
Birthplace Martok's Negh'var
Eyes Brown
Hair Blonde


Born on Martok's Negh'var.... under attack! His parents were killed in the attack, so martok raised and taught him the klingon way. He spent 1 hour a day crying in his room because of his parents. His phsycologist said the only way he will be to be social again is if somebody breaks through that sorrow and anger. It will be hard but somebody is going to do it.

He likes combat and command, dislikes conversation and fears nothing. The way he interacts with people is he keeps conversation down to a few words, then walks away.

Service Record

  • USS Ronin
  • USS Ronin-A

Player's Name

Andrew Andres