Location: Beta Quadrant
Cultural Development: L
Homeworld: Baria
Status: Hostile

The Bariens are an aggressive, war-like race who occupied until 2384 over a hundred sectors of space within the Beta quadrant. Most of this space had been annexed through invasion and conquest. This included most of the space formally occupied by the Nuan alliance.

The Bariens have a very strict regime and failure is seen as weakness. In serious cases failure is punished by death, something that is routine in the military ranks.

Little is know of their biology, due to them ‘living’ within their personal armour (Much like the Breen). If the uniform is not removed correctly, the suit will ‘self-destructs’ and liquify the wearer. A captured Barien would rather commit suicide than live as a prisoner. It is known that the Barien home planet is class-M, with an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere. This has lead the Federation to believe that the armour is more for ceremonial and personal protection than as an eniviromental suit.

First contact with the Bariens by the Federation occurred in 2365, leading to the destruction of six probes and a Federation freighter. These incidents lead to the non-aggressive treaty negotiated by Captain Thomas Beard, the only Starfleet officer to make direct contact with the Bariens. This treaty meant that no Federation vessel was allowed into Barien space.

In 2384 it was discovered that infact the now Admiral Beard had been conspiring with the Bariens to undermine and invade the Romulan Empire. The invasion plan was initiated when the Romulan Empire was severely weakened after an attempted invasion by the Borg. Seeing a chance, Beard defected to the Bariens and therefore broke the treaty.

This led to the largest mobilisation of Alpha quadrant forces since the Dominion war. The armada that was formed consisted mainly of Federation forces, but also included Cardassian, Klingon and Romulan vessels, along with vessels from the Nuan alliance and the Kirusan, a race from the Gamma quadrant discovered by the USS Virgo.
The Barien forces were defeated at a heavy price, losses of the Federation alliance were estimated to be around forty percent. However, it was estimated that over eighty percent of the Barien fleet was destroyed.

The Nuan alliance has since started to reclaim from the Bariens sectors of space they once occupied. The Barien Empire now covers only nine sectors of space, containing only four systems, including the Barien homeworld.

[Season 1]


Location: Alpha Quadrant
Cultural Development: E
Homeworld: Floral
Status: Neutral

FLorans are a race of green skinned humanoids. Their homeworld is approximately 35 lightyears from Valarian space. Very little is known about the Florans, only two Starfleet officers made contact, breaking the prime directive and not much was found out about their culture.

Florans seem hostile, but as no more contact has been made with them, and they are not warp capable, Starfleet have decided to leave them alone.

[Season 4]


Location: Maffei I Galaxy
Cultural Development:
Homeworld: Iconia
Status: Friendly

Iconians are all extinct in our time line, they lived about 200,000 years ago and were the constructors of the Iconian gateways which provided the travellers with abilities to visit many different worlds by simply stepping through the gate. Iconians were found alive in the past in the Mafei I galaxy.

Iconian's are human in appearance apart from large pointed ears. They all have deep blue eyes and long blonde hair. Their eyes have a slightly different perception
of color saturation. Allowing them only to see whites and very pale colours. Anything else appears black or dark blue.

Very little was observed of their culture, but they appeared to be an incredibly advanced and peaceful civilisation, who were also capable of communicating with the Q.

[Season 5]


Location: Andromeda Galaxy
Cultural Development: V
Homeworld: Kelva
Status: Hostile

Kelvans are immense beings with a hundred tentacle-like limbs. Their minds are so powerful they can simultaneaously control each limb individually. They control a vast galactic empire spanning most of Andromeda. High levels of hard radiation in that galaxy will shortly make it uninhabitable, forcing the Kelvans to relocate elsewhere. Scouting missions were sent to galaxies near Andromeda including the Milky Way to determine their suitability for conquest by the Kelvans. In 2384, the Kelvan Armada attacked the major powers of the Milky Way (Federation, Borg), but was thwarted by the USS Ronin.

Location: Maffei I Galaxy
Cultural Development: R
Homeworld: Unknown
Status: Neutral

In the new timeline created by the crew of the USS Ronin and Q, the Kelvan race remained in their original home galaxy, Maffei I. The catastrophe that forced them to flee to Andromeda was prevented, therefore the circumstances leading to their invasion of the Milky Way were altered.

[Season 5]


Location: Alpha Quadrant
Cultural Development: AA
Homeworld: Aooga
Status: Friendly

Primitive monkey like creatures, that live on a small planet in the Briar patch. They were found whils the USS Ronin was insearch of an Iconian Gateway. They originally took some of the crew prisoner, but were convinced to set them free by the crew. They then played a part in the following battle against a large number of pirates.

They live in large communal groups, similar to tribes. They stand about 3 - 4 feet tall and brandish sharp spears. Their culture is based around the trees of the jungles they live in. They carve their history on to the trees, and also build their homes in them.

[Season 5]


Location: Alpha Quadrant
Cultural Development: K+
Homeworld: Valaria
Status: Friendly - Potential Federation Member

Valarians are similar in many ways to humans, wiht their average height a bit shorter, and a vertical cranial ridge, like a klingon. Their lives average about 50 - 60 years. They are ruled over by a king and control a small area of space past the Ferengi Alliance. They are potential Federation members, and are currently in the process of joining. In 2374, one of their ships discovered a strange device on an asteroid, they presented it to the federation as a gift. This later turned out to be a matter duplicating device, with an evil purpose, discovered by the USS Ronin which resulted in the destruction of the ship. This did not affect their application though and they are close to becoming members.

[Season 3 & 4]