"Problem Solved - Part 2"

Author: Commander Kira
Date: 150,000 years ago
Location: Bridge, Iconian ship - Maffei I galaxy

After returning to their quarters, Kira had managed to fall into a deep sleep, untroubled by dreams or worries for the time being. When he awoke, it was to the sound of the door chime to their quarters. Tyran must have forgot to wake him.

Moments later Tyran walked through the doorway of his quarters with a questioning look on his face. "Are you ready to go?"

Simultaneously sitting up and swinging his legs out of his bed, Kira responded, "As ready as I'll ever be."

Kira quickly stood up from his bed, and made his way towards the doorway where Nige was standing. As he passed the mirror in his room, he stole a quick glance in it and managed to straighten his hair while walking towards the doorway.

As he exited his room, he was greeted by the site of Kerrin, who obviously had come to bring them to the bridge of the ship.

"Are you ready, gentlemen?" asked Kerrin.

"Yes," replied Kira and Nige simultaneously.

With that simple affirmation, the three exited Kira and Nige's quarters and made their way to the bridge of the ship. Once they arrived, they observed that there were fewer crewmembers on duty than they had normally seen aboard the bridge. Thinking nothing more of their observation, they moved instead to the center of the bridge where N'tieu was waiting for them.

"All of the fleet is in position," said N'tieu. "All we are waiting for is your word to begin."

"Thank you, Captain," said Kira. "I will need a few things before we begin."

"Of course," said N'tieu.

"First, I'll need a display set up nearby where we can see a real-time view of the field around the two stars with their relative field strengths shown as an overlay."

"Easy enough," stated Kerrin as she punched a few buttons on the console she had seated herself at as they walked in the room moments ago. In response, the main viewer came to life with the images Kira had requested.

"Thank you," said Kira. "Throughout this process Tyran will be monitoring me as best as possible. Since conventional medical instrumentation will be rendered useless in trying to scan me while I'm reinforcing the warp field, Tyran will be monitoring me on a purely empirical basis. He should be able to assist you with helping me should I require assistance."

At this second comment Nige barely managed to conceal his embarrassment over Kira's instructions. Granted, he had known Kira for a long time, but he seriously doubted that he'd be much help should something go wrong with his friend.

A couple of low sounding blips emitted from the helmsman's console. Shortly after reading the information contained on the screen beside him the helmsman stated, "The rest of the fleet has re-affirmed their readiness to begin, Captain. What should I tell them?"

N'tieu looked over at Kira who nodded his assent for the process to begin before he answered, "Tell them to begin on my mark."

"Aye, Sir," said the helmsman. "Patching through direct audio to confirm orders throughout the fleet."

"Begin in five, four, three, two, one, mark," said N'tieu.

Immediately Kira sensed the developing warp field around him grow in its scope and intensity. In just a few moments the fields would synchronize and begin to envelop the two stars' outer borders.

"The field is beginning to form," stated Kerrin from her console. "Estimate less than five seconds to enhancement."

"Or less," stated Kira. "It needs to start now." Only Kira's physiology was able to sense the developing warp field around them in a faster manner than any computer could calculate.

N'tieu nodded over to his helmsman who started the ship's warp engines. In the briefest of seconds Kira could sense the growing field of the Iconian ship. As the field began to slow its growth, Kira began to augment it with his own energies.

Apparently, those around him were noticing his efforts. "Sir, field strength is now well over one thousand times normal and holding," said the astonished helmsman.

"The field is stabilizing," said Kerrin. "Sensors report full containment throughout the field."

"Captain," stated Kira with his eyes still closed, "begin to move these stars at your leisure."

"Understood," said N'tieu to Kira's comment. Once again, he nodded to his helmsman who immediately punched a few buttons on his console. An almost imperceptible feeling of motion could be sensed by all those on the bridge as the super massive warp field inched its way towards its destination.

"Nearing one-half impulse now," stated the helmsman.

"We need to bring the ship to full impulse before we go to low warp," explained Kerrin for Kira and Nige's benefit.

For the first time since he had begun to strengthen the warp field, Kira opened his eyes to survey the view of the bridge. He was met with a strange vision of dancing colors of varying hues of blue and green swirling around the otherwise normally monochromatic walls of the Iconian ship. As he pondered this effect for a moment, he realized that the light source for this particular anomaly was coming from his frame.

At the same moment, Kira noticed that Nige was looking at him with a strange look displayed on his features.

*He looks like a living warp reactor,* thought Nige to himself as he stared in wonder at his friend's illuminated figure.

"We are ready to go to warp," said Kerrin.

"Inform the rest of the fleet to prepare for warp speeds," said N'tieu.

Nige used this brief moment to ask, "How are you holding up, Kira?"

"I'm doing fine, Tyran; no worries yet."

"The fleet is ready, Sir," stated the helmsman.

"Begin," stated N'tieu.