"Redemption (Part 3 of 3)"

Author: Lieutenant William Hancock
Date: December 21, 2384
Location: Shuttlecraft

*I hope these Nausicaans don't believe in torture, or keeping their prisoners alive,* William thought to himself as he hoped that the Nausicaans wouldn't beat him or Sean up, that they would just finish them at once.

"Hey, I just want to say to you that it's been a damn fine pleasure to serve with ya," Will said, turning towards his friend Sean.

Sean was at the controls trying to figure some way out of the current situation. Sean ran his finger over the sensors after seeing a blip on the screen. *Damn no, we're really in serious trouble.* "I think our situation has sort of taken a drastic change for the worse," Sean said, turning his head to Will. Will gave a look of, How worse can it actually get?

"I'm picking up a Mulluran fighter," Sean said with a smile as the shuttle jolted as a tractor beam was placed on the shuttle.

"Ah." Will began to bang his head on the bulkhead.

The Mulluran fighter came in at full impulse and fired a shot at the Nausicaan engines and weapons array. The Nausicaan ship rolled right and started burn a little.

"What the bloody hell?" Sean yelled with a bit of hope in his voice.

[This is G'kar Oimko of the Liberation Army. You require assistance -- we will help.] The comm channel crackled as the fighter opened fire on the Nausicaan ship, destroying it this time.

The fourteen G'kar helped get the shuttle running to 54%. Sean and Will were briefed about how the G'kar group was running a secret covert war against the Mullurans.

A few hours later, Sean and William were back on the *Ronin* standing before Admiral Pike and Commander Kira. "Sirs, I hereby hand over my confession detailing my sole involvement and Doctor Hancock's," Sean said as he handed the Admiral the PADD.

Pike didn't even bother looking at it, just tossing it down disgustedly on the nearby table top. Neither Hancock or O'Neal ever remembered seeing Pike as angry as he was right now. "Lieutenant Hancock, Lieutenant O'Neal, you're hereby confined to the brig pending your court-martials." That was all he had to say to them. Turning to the burly security officer present, he ordered, "Ensign Smith, take them away."

As he watched the two men being escorted out, he couldn't help but feel disappointment. As his anger subsided, he wondered if he was being a little hard on them. Hopefully he'd have time to debate it with himself after the Kelvan crisis was over.