"Adventures Of The Babysat"

Author: Commander Kira Markos
Date: December 6, 2384
Location: Captain's Quarters

It had been a long time since Kira had been around newborn babies. In fact, it had been probably next to a decade since he'd even held one in his arms for more than a couple of minutes. It hadn't taken him too long to get familiarized with holding not one, but two newborns at a time, though, since he had volunteered to help out Captain Evans and Karissa take care of the two newest members of the Ronin's crew.

Fortunately for Kira, taking care of two genetically enhanced newborn babies was made much easier by his own genetic background. Currently Kira was using his abilities to project a holographic likeness of himself in order to carry little Maya around the room while feeding her while the "real" Kira was busy helping the tiny frame of Luc to balance on his pudgy legs in Kira's lap.

The doors to Evans' quarters opened, and Evans and Karissa walked in to the room with their arms locked between them. As they both looked away from themselves and into their quarters they were a bit surprised to see how their children were being taken care of.

"Kira," said Evans to the nearest of the two Commanders in the room, which, by chance, happened to be the holographic projection. "Which one of these is you?"

"Sorry Commander," said the Kira projection as he handed over little Maya to Evans' arms and then promptly disappeared from existence.

Karissa was a bit amused by the whole scene before her after she got her bearings back. "Nice trick, Kira. I'll have to keep you in mind for the next time that we can't find two sitters for the twins."

"What better way could you think of to take care of these two, eh?" said the remaining Kira to Evans. "It sure makes it easy to entertain them when all I have to do is create a little projection of a story book as I'm reading it."

"It looks as though feeding and changing are a bit easier for you too, Commander," said Karissa as she looked over at Evans. "Sometimes I wish I could split myself in two."

"Lord," said Evans as he looked at Maya in his arms who lay there drinking her bottle with dropping eyelids. "They're going to be really spoiled if you keep this up, Commander."

With a wide, mischievous grin Kira responded, "Good, that's exactly what I had in mind. What's the fun in taking care of other peoples' kids if you can 't spoil them?"

"Thank you very much for tonight, Kira," said Karissa as she took Luc from his lap. "Ryan and I needed some time to ourselves, and dinner on the Promenade was just what the doctor ordered."

"It's the least that I can do for you two. Besides Nige and Dinara won't be done with their shifts until later on tonight, so we'll go over tomorrow morning to have breakfast and do some light shopping then."

"Sounds like fun," said Karissa as she tried to nonchalantly check Luc's diaper.

"It should be," said Kira. "The three of us haven't had the occasion to be together in awhile, so we're looking forward to catching up on things."

"Thanks again for watching the kids, Kira," said Evans as he opened up the door so that Kira could exit their quarters.

"No problem, Sir," said Kira, as he quickly "split" himself in two again to kiss each of the babies who were now at opposite ends of the room. "We had fun, didn't we little ones." Then, he quickly put himself back together in time to exit the couple's quarters before either of them could voice surprise over his little trick of splitting in two. "Goodnight all."

As the doors closed behind him, Kira could hear Evans' voice from behind the walls say, "Every time I think that I've seen everything that Kira can do, he manages to surprise me with something else."