"Journey At An End"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: December 5, 2384
Location: Briar Patch Region

Captains Log, Stardate 2461915...

Our long journey is finally, nearly at an end after three months of traveling. We entered the Briar Patch early yesterday evening. We are now almost through and will soon be able to contact Star Base 901. I hope that we can, from there, get some more help against the Kelvans. On our own... we don't stand a chance.

End log.

"Captain, we have just left the Briar Patch," announced Lieutenant McMillan.

"Excellent. Distance to the New Canada system?"

"Two light years, Captain."

"Open a channel to Star Base 901."

The viewscreen shimmered on and a showed the Captain of SB901.

[This is Captain Mallory. How may I help?]

"Hi, I'm Captain Evans, *USS Ronin*. We are badly in need of some repairs and have traveled a long way to get here. We would appreciate it if you would allow us to dock."

[Request granted, Captain, what's your ETA?"]

"We estimate five hours."

[Okay Captain, we will make preparations for your arrival.]

"Thank you Captain. Evans out." The viewscreen once again returned to the view of the space outside. "Kira, if anyone needs me, I'll be in my ready room," said Ryan as he stood and left the bridge.

He sat down in his ready room with a deep sigh and flicked on his computer terminal. He brought up the old *USS Knight* logs once again and began to read. The last few months had gotten to him however... the constant Kelvan attacks... becoming a father... the sleepless nights... and he fell asleep.

*Ryan opened his eyes. He was standing on the bridge of the *USS Knight*.

"Commodore, I'm detecting an area of space that contains high amounts of chronometric disturbances," states Tumock from the Operations console.

"Short range sensors are confirming the disturbances all around us, sir," says Taylor as he frantically tries to assess the situation.

"Why didn't the long range sensors pick up on these disturbances?" asks Pike.

"Unknown sir, it seems that we are surrounded. I recommend that we reduce speed and try to avoid getting trapped by one of the anomalies," says Tumock.

"Drop to one-quarter impulse, Ensign Beckett."

"Aye, Sir."


"Yes, Mr. Tumock," responds Pike in a somewhat terse voice. *I don't need this now!*

"A spatial anomaly is forming right in front of us, we can't avoid it!"

"Red Alert! Shields to maximum, disable the chronometric shielding now, there's no telling how that is going to interfere with what we're up against! Conventional shields only!" shouts Captain Neil.

"Aye Ma'am," responds Beckett.

"Commodore, we can't swerve to avoid it, we're moving too fast!" says Beckett from behind his console.

*Why did this have to happen now?* thinks Pike to himself.

"Sir, the other ships are caught in the portal as well!"

"We're lost," says Pike as he slumps to his chair in the center of the bridge. He watches the viewscreen as the small fleet is engulfed in the spatial rift and with the passage of each ship the hopes of saving Earth slowly slips away.*

Ryan awoke with a start. [Captain, respond!]

"Yes Kira, go ahead... what is it?"

[Sir, we are arriving at SB901 now.]

"Thank you Commander, I'll be right out." Ryan got up and left his ready room, ready to go meet the station Commander in person.