"Sleepless Nights"

Author: Captain Evans & Lieutenant Commander Bentara
Date: November 28, 2384
Location: Captain's Quarters

A cry of an infant broke the silence of the night. Karissa awoke instantly, like she had done for the past month with a sigh. She could sense it was Maya and that she was hungry.

"Computer, time," she asked quietly.

<It is 01:30 hours,> the computer replied.

Just as Karissa sat up, Maya's cries were joined by her brother's. Karissa groaned.

Ryan awoke as his son began crying. "Do you want me to go?" he whispered.

"I think we're both going to have to," Karissa smiled.> "Maya wants a bottle too."

Ryan groaned and pulled himself out of bed.

As they stood together, Karissa leaned over and kissed him. "I'll go replicate the bottles," she smiled.


Ryan walked into the kids' bedroom, and leaned over the crib. He smiled at the two of them lying there together. He picked up Luc and held him in his arms. He stopped crying as Karissa entered with the bottles.

She handed Ryan a bottle as she looked at Maya and tenderly picked her up in her arms. Immediately the crying stopped. She looked at her mom. Karissa then gave her the bottle. She started sucking on the bottle hungrily. Karissa couldn't help but giggle. She still couldn't get over how wonderful it was being a parent. Even with the early morning feedings. She looked to Ryan, her dark eyes shining bright in the soft glow of the night light.

"I know... it's amazing isn't it?" he said as Luc started sucking on his bottle. "I can't believe this has finally happened!"

They sat down in the two chairs placed in the room just for these occasions. "You know, there were times I wasn't sure this was ever going to happen... and now my life couldn't be more perfect... " she smiled. "Well, except for the Kelvans of course..."

"Yeah... the Kelvans... " Ryan said grimly. "Sometimes I wonder why Admiral Pike chose me and my ship to fight them off..." Ryan looked down on Luc whose little hands were holding onto the bottle as Ryan held it there. "But now we have these little guys, I can't let them down. I will stop the Kelvans... for us."

"I know..." Karissa replied with a deep sigh and then smiled. "Can you believe they're a month old?" As she looked down at Maya, she was almost asleep again. "It seems like yesterday that they were born. And they're getting so big... growing so fast..."

"It must be their DNA..." Ryan replied. "I mean, you were only carrying them for 6 months... it makes sense that they'll grow up quick."

Karissa laughed softly. "Just like mom, huh?"

"Just like mum," smiled Ryan.

Her eyes twinkled brightly. As she saw that Maya was asleep, she gently took the bottle from her mouth. She place the infant on her shoulder and gently patted her back. In a moment a small burp was heard. As she held Maya back in her arms again and saw her baby was still asleep she got up and gently placed her back in the crib. "How's Luc doing?" she asked as she sat back down.

"Hungry as ever," smiled Ryan as Luc continued drinking. "If he carries on like this, we're gonna have to put him on a diet."

Karissa laughed softly and leaned over to kiss Ryan's cheek. As she reached her hand over, Luc grabbed a finger and held onto it as he drank the bottle. "I still can't believe it... It's been a month and I'm still in awe... I guess I will be for awhile."

"Your not the only one..." he replied. "Here.. I think he's done," Ryan said as Luc stopped drinking.

Karissa took Luc in her arms and gently lifted him onto her shoulder. She burped him and by the time she laid him back down into her arms he was asleep. Gently, she stood up and carried him to the crib. In another month or two, they would be sleeping in separate cribs, but for now, they shared one... With a sigh, she looked down at her sleeping twins and smiled brightly. They were more precious than anything in the universe, she thought.

"Let's go and try get some sleep now," suggested Ryan.

"Good idea," she replied. As they walked out of the room, she felt his arm around her waist. She leaned her head against his shoulder and sighed contentedly. This was the way life was suppose to be.

The two settled back into bed. Karissa cuddled in close to Ryan and he closed his eyes. He opened them just as quickly as the babies began crying again. He sighed and got back up. "I'll sort it this time," he said. "Get some sleep," he said as he began to leave the room.

"Thanks," she replied. "Are you sure you don't need me?"

"Sure, Sleep."

With that she smiled, "Okay..." and snuggled under the covers thinking how lucky she was to have someone as wonderful as Ryan.