"Introduction To Destruction (Part 4)"

Author: Lieutenant Commander Tyran Nige
Date: August 16, 2384
Location: USS Ronin

Ensign Holmes brought the *Pendragon* to a landing in the *Ronin's* shuttle bay. The mission, had been a success, the Planets had all been destroyed, but it had taken it's toll. Kira left the shuttle first, looking thoroughly exhausted. The second Planet, was crawling with Kelvans and he had a tough time fending off their attacks while Tyran by-passed security lockout after security lockout in the Kelvan computer. Tyran and Tierro left next, both badly bruised and covered in dust. Although Kira fended off the Kelvans, when part of the cavern collapsed Tyran and Tierro were almost trapped under the rubble. Holmes came out last and followed them down onto the deck.

Pike and Evans were standing there waiting for them, neither of them looking happy. The four officers formed a line in front of Pike and Evans.

"Just what the hell were you thinking?" shouted Evans.

No one spoke up.

"I take it this was your idea, Mr. Tyran?"

"Yes Captain." Tyran answered. "I should have come to you with my idea first, sir."

"I expected more of you. I can't believe you would do anything so completely stupid and dangerous!"

"Captain, we succeeded, the Kelvans... they're all dead."

"That is not the point, Ensign!" said Ryan turning his anger on Dani. "You're dismissed. You too, Tierro." The two ladies walked out. "Now Tyran, Kira. Care to tell me what you two were playing at exactly?"

"Well Captain, if I may speak freely, sir?" asked Tyran.

"You may speak."

"I didn't think we were getting anywhere, following yours and the Admiral's decisions. Besides, if you ask me, using Benton is a big mistake, he's probably betrayed us on more than one occasion.... alone on the bridge when all the millions of planets showed up... connected to the Kelvan data core, when these other four came into sensor range...."

"Commander, I cannot believe you have such blatant disregard for my orders and my decisions. You are hereby confined to quarters until I say other wise. Kira, you too. I will speak with you once I have cooled down a bit."

Kira and Tyran left the shuttle bay and headed for their quarters.

"You know Ryan, Tyran may not have the best ways of doing things, but he is often right. He and Kira make a good team, and when they work together have always produced good results."

"You mean, I should have let them off stealing the *Pendragon* and going up against four Kelvan battle planets? They're lucky they got off with only being confined to quarters!"

"No, I'm not saying that, what they did *was* wrong, but the results ended up good. In the original Talosian illusion, we were fighting the Kelvan Battle Planet after it had destroyed most of the Federation. Kira and Tyran conspired together and sent us back in time, to Cardassian space where we destroyed the planet before it reached Cardassia Prime. Maybe with some more thought, their plan may have merit."

"Well, we'll come to that decision later when we speak more with them."