"Some Time To Think"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: August 11, 2384
Location: USS Ronin

The Kelvan's Ultimatum left only 10 minutes for the crew to come up with a way out of their situation, being boarded was not an option! Ryan stood there, knowing there was only one thing he could do for the time being, and that was to retreat. Pike seemed to share his thoughts as well as most of the bridge officers. There was no way to fight off millions of planets.

"Lieutenant McMillan, take us into slipstream. Take us away from here and don't look back."


"We need some time to think Lieutenant. Do it!"

"Aye sir"

"Captain, we're being held in a tractor beam by the nearest planet!" yelled Talsmin

"Fighters are launching from the moons, Captain, we're under attack!" shouted Tyran as a volley of fire hit the ship. Conduits and consoles blew out all over the ship. Sending nearby crewmembers to the ground. As they returned to their feet, they were again knocked down by another volley.

"Armour up!" yelled Pike

"It is!" replied Tyran. The ship rocked again.

"We need to break the tractor beam to be able to enter slipstream Captain!" shouted Tricia.

"Admiral, do you remember how Tumock broke the beam on the Knight?"

"Yes, Mister Talsmin, Rotate our shield modulation and reverse their polarity. Miss McMillan, this should allow us to move around the planet's orbit. Move to the North pole, the magnetic interferance should disrupt their beam."

Outside, amongst the thousands of fighters, the Ronin began to move toward the Northern Pole. As it reached the pole the shimmering blue beam from the planets surface dissapated. The pounding on the ships armour disappeared as it entered slipstream. The crew all breathed a sigh of relief. It was then that Ryan noticed that there was a member of the crew who did not get up from one of the blasts. He ran over to the blown out science console where Lieutenant Wang was lying on the floor.

"Bridge, to sickbay. Medical Emergency!"