"And It Came To This..."

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: August 11, 2384
Location: USS Ronin

"Counsellor, you have the bridge. Admiral, my ready room, now!" said Ryan as he strode off the bridge. The Admiral followed reluctantly. In the current situation, a counsellor inexperienced with command was not his first choice at being left in command.

"Captain, you can't leave the bridge at a time like this." protested Pike as he entered Ryan's ready room.

Ryan was standing at the windows he would have been staring at the gigantic planets looming up in the distance and the thousands of fighter craft swarming the ships if it weren't for the protective armour the Admiral had just activated. "Admiral, I think it's time we entertain the thought of the Doomsday device"

"I think you may be right." sighed Pike. "Before we had a genesis torpedo.... A much cleaner and safer way to do it. I don't know how we can take out the planets without using it."

"But is sacrificing the ability to go to warp worth it?"

"We're doing it in the interest of saving the entire galaxy Captain. Normally, 100 lightyears of space under these circumstances, I wouldn't hesitate in using the doomsday device. But there are inhabited systems near by."

"If only we could contain the blast somehow...."

[Commander Kira to Captain Evans...]

The two officers looked at each other, their prayers answered.

[I'm back on my feet and am able to continue....]

"Kira" interrupted Ryan. "Do you have any knowledge of A thing knwon as the Omega Particle."

[No sir]

"I'm giving you access to all the information regarding the Omega particle and directive in the ships database now." said Pike walking over to the terminal on the Captains desk. "I wan't you to review the information and let us know if there is anyway you can contain the blast to say... 10 lightyears."

[I'll get right on it Admiral.]

"We'd better head back out onto the bridge" suggested Ryan.

Pike nodded in consent and followed Ryan onto the bridge.

"Status Commander?"

"We're out of torpedoes sir, and phasers are of limited use." reported Karissa

"I guess we're going to have to use it Admrial."

"Tricia, time till we reach the planets?"

"Five minutes Captain."

"Five minutes" muttered Pike.

"Talsmin, open a channel to the Bounty"

"Channel open Captain."

"Lieutenant O'Neal, we're getting you and your crew off there ASAP."

[May I ask why Captain?]

"We are going to use the doomsday device and we do not want you onboard when it goes off."

[Understood sir, awaiting orders.]

Ryan walked back to his chair and sat down next to Karissa. He looked down at her growing stomach. *I can't let the Kelvans get any further. This must end now whether Kira can contain the blast or not*

"Captain, Admiral, I've looked over the data." announced Kira as he exited the turbolift. "I can do it"

"Let's do this then." said Pike as he moved into a position at the rear of the bridge. Kira walked down to the lower level and took his seat next to the Captain.

"Bounty, get your people to the escape pods, they are equipped with the transphasic shielding so you needn't worry. We will pick you up shortly."

"Bounty has responded sir. They are abandoning ship."

"Mr. Benton will you be able to control the Bounty from here."

"Yes Captain" came the blunt reply.

"All escpae pods have been released, I'm tractoring them in now" said Tyran.

"Helm set a course away from here, enter slipstream on my mark."

"Captain, theres something you ought to know." said Kira.

"McMillan, enter the slipstream, bring us to a halt fifteen lightyears from this current position."

"Aye sir."

"Commander, Admiral, my ready room now."

Again, Pike reluctantly follwed Ryan and this time Kira too into the ready room.

"What is it Commander?" asked Ryan as he leaned against the table on his desk. Pike crossed his arms and leaned against the wall.

"Well, it's about the doomsday device sir's. Fair enough, I will be able to contain the blast to a few lightyears, but I will have to channel the energy into something else."

"Something else? Such as?" asked Ryan

"Something large... a sun maybe."

"A sun?? You can do that??" asked Ryan in disbelief.

"When working with energy of this magnitude, yes, I believe I can. The only trouble is, the sun wouldn't last for long. It would supernova in a few days at most."

"That would work to our advantage" said Pike. Kira and Ryan looked at him quiziccally. "Think about it. If we detonate the device now where it is, Kira can funnel the energy into creating this sun. Now when this happens, the planets will get caught up in it's gravity, preventing them even moving away at impulse speeds. Warp and transwarp drive is impossible due to the omega explosion. Eventually, when the sun goes Nova, the planets will be destroyed along with it. Job done."

"And you think this is possible?" asked Ryan


"I want Doctor Hancock with you in engineering when we do this. After you collapsed before, I don't want to take anymore chances."

Kira thought that for now he would keep quiet about his visit from Q. Now wasn't the time. The clinking of armour was again heard across the ship. and as the three officers watched the window, they saw outside a normal starscape once again, with no planets or fighter craft.

"Let's get to work" said Ryan.