"Status Report!"

Author: Ensign Andruk Andres
Date: August 11, 2384
Location: The Bounty

"Status Report!" shouted O'Neal.

"Sheilds at 60% 100 torpedoes left." said Andres quickly. "Crowd of 30 headed this way."

"fire!" torpedoes streamed across the view screen." boom!" "thirty down couple thousand to go."
said O'Neal

"Sir, we are running out of torpedoes and shields are at 25%." said Andres


"Sir I could bring the power disruptors online but will take a few minutes on these old klingon systems."

"How long?"

"Nine minutes but the shields will only last 8 more minutes along with torpedoes at this rate."

"Do it!" the console exploded and a peice of covering lodged in his rotator cuff.

"Ahahuuhhu" he grunted

[bridge to sick bay] boom the ship rocked and sent people flying everywhere.

"No I must get disruptor power online." 'beep' beep' 'beep' went the console as he ran his hands across it.

"Disruptors online"

"Good reroute half of power to shields."

"Yes sir!" shouted an engineer.

"Fire all disruptors!"

"yes sir! I'll put it onscreen to make sure" two beautiful glowing green raindrops shot on the screen they exploded against a fighter and destroyed about 30 around it.

"These disruptors are nice." said O'Neal smoothly. "We've destroyed about 250 all together. This fight will last a long time."