"Treating The Injured"

Author: Lieutenant JG William Hancock
Date: August 11, 2384
Location: Sick Bay

William stood in the ship's sickbay waiting for the wounded. The ship had stop being rocked by explosions, for now. Hancock sent the other two doctors on his staff to triage the wounded, that would be coming in. Hancock believed that treating those who where hurt worse first would save lives. It was also taught at Star Fleet medical.

The door slid open with two Corpman that Hancock knew carrying a strecther with a wounded person on hit. The person appeared to be human male, his face was blackened with soot. His stomach was covered with a field dressing and that was soaked in blood. Will quickly went to work.

"Put him over on bed two. " William rushed over and pushed a tray with various instruments over to the bed. Will lifted the bandage to see the extent of the injury, he then scanned with a tricorder. The injured man had ruptered bowl and tore open a hole 4 inches wide and three inches deep.

Hancock gave the man an injection and took the bandage off and ran a instrument into the wound to close the injured organ he pulled it out and set it on the tray. The next step was to close the wound. He used a dermal regenerator over the open whole until it closed. As he finished another paitent was brought in being helped in.

This paitent was a Bolian with a tore open shoulder. Hancock ran over and scaned to see that the Bolian had done no real damage to his shoulder or mucle. Will closed the wound and gave an injection and told the Bolian to lie down. After about three injured arms and legs came in a more serious case came in on a stretcher.

The person was horrible burned all except for her face. The smell was bad, a couple of the Nurse had to leave the area. Will kept working over her. His scans weren't too good. She had sustained over 95% burns over all her body except her face. He quickly gave an injection to relieve the pain. He then also ran a IV into her body to replace some of the water loss.

[Doctor report] The comm channel opened up.

"6 wounded a couple serouis wounds one mortal." Will looked up to see Lieutenant Yellowhorse at the door. He had a slight burn on his forehead. He looked down at the person on the bed.

"Is she going to be ok?" Yellowhorse asked as Will and a Nurse escorted Cody onto a bed. Will didn't say nothing as he ran his scan over Cody.

"Damn it mate answer me."

"No, when the body takes those kinds of burns it begins to shut down. Plus the water loss begins to dehydrate the body at an alarming rate. Her lungs are also affected in the end she'll suffcate. I'm sorry sir even as advance as we are now. Burns of that scale are unsurvivable." Will gave another injection.

Cody began to get upset. "She pushed me out of the way when a plasma conduit exploded. It should be me lying there like that" William walked away and over to the side where a nurse was. " Carol get a counsler down here ASAP. That lad is going to do something stupid or insane."

"Yes doctor."

Will walked over to an area where he put some antibactiral soap on his hand and looked down at his tunic he saw a few blood splaters. He didn't think much of it.He was worried about his friend and if was going to get over it.