"Trump Card"

Author: Lieutenant Commander Tyran
Date: August 11, 2384
Location: Bridge

The bridge which was calm five minutes ago was now hectic with orders being given and reports coming in. Lieutenant O'Neal had left and had boarded the Bounty which was now coming into position along side the Ronin.

The Captain finished giving his orders and sat down in his chair. Kira to his right and Karissa to his left.

"I'd better get down to engingeering sir" suggested Kira. "I will be better in touch with the ships systems from down there"

"Good luck Commander" said the Captain as Kira stood and left. "Chief, time till we reach the Kelvans."

"40 seconds sir."

"Attention all hands, we are about to engage the Kelvans. I can only expect of you what you are able to do, so do your best, remain calm and we will get through this." He took his finger off the button on his console and sat back. "Tyran, shields up, weapons to full. Let's do this."

"15 seconds sir. Kelvan fighters approaching fast!"

"How many?"

A.J gazed unbelievably at his readings. "Two thousand sir"

The only person on the bridge who seemed undisturbed by this new was Pike who stood just to the side of tactical.

"Weapons range in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1..."

"The Ronin rocked violently as the first volley of Kelvan weapons hit them."

"Shields down to 50%!" shouted Tyran alarmed.

"Kira! get those shields up!"

[I'm doing my best Captain] came the reply.

"Shields are rising" informed Tyran as the ship continued to rock. "100%, 150%, 200%"

"Mr. Tyran, fire at will"

Outside in space, the two small Federation shipswere getting swarmed with Kelvan fighters. As the two planets loomed nearer and nearer in the distance. The Bounty was taking a great deal of fire, but the Han'gosian temporal shielding, was absorbing all the damage, and the Han'gosian temporal torpedoes were giving out just as much damage to the Kelvans as was expected. The Ronins weapons were proving effective too, but their shields were dwindling and more and more fighters kept entering the area.

"Captain, we have taken down two hundred fighters, the Bounty has taken out 192, but we are almost out of torpedoes." reported Tyran

As Tyran said that a huge creaking went through the ship and conduits and consoles blew out everywhere.

[Engineering to bridge, Commander Markos has collpased sir]

"Thank you Engineering. Bridge to sickbay."

[Sickbay here]

"Get a medical team to engineering immeidately."

"Shields at 48% sir! 32!" yelled Tyran

"Hull breaches on deck 5 and 6!" shouted Talsmin.

"Shields at 18%!"

Amidst all the commotion Pike stood queitly. Then he shouted above the noise "Computer! Deploy armour!"

The crew that were left on their feet turned and stared at the Admiral wondering what he was talking about. But their questions were soon answered as the banging of metal was heard all over the ship. The weapons fire now became muffled and the ship only vibrated instead of rocked.

"Admiral?" asked Evans

"A little piece of technology we have aquired from the future. I'll explain later." said Pike. "Right now, lets make our way to those planets and save the galaxy."

"McMillan, get us past these fighters, take us to the planets"

"Aye sir"

The Ronin slowly headed through the field of Kelvan fighters towards it's destination with the Bounty just behind... The Kelvan battle planets!