"Time Off"

Author: Lieutenant Sean O'Neal
Date: August 5, 2384
Location: Gym / Mess Hall

The gym was rather busy. Even though the ship was at yellow alert it seemed that the crew was very much at ease. They had been waiting for the special Advisor for two days now.

Sean believed in physical fitness. He made it a point to stop by the gym every day after his shift. He walked in to see the gym was busy as usual. Most of the gym's regulars where the young crewman, there were an occasional older crewman but mostly young people.

Sean took his duffle bag to the dressing room in the back that had sonic showers, and lockers. The room had enough space for 7 people at one time. Sean put on some shorts and his tank top, and tennis shoes and walked out into the gym.

He walked over to the weight area and worked on his upper body strength for about an hour. Doctor Hancock was suppose to come down and meet Sean for a workout.

As usually the Doctor was late. Sean went over to the punching back and started to work on his punches and kicks. "Sorry Sean, I was busy this afternoon." Will said running up to him.

"So you want to still spar."Will asked tapping his hands for a sparing match that was scheduled for today.

"You bloody well bet I am." Sean said giving the bag another punch before walking over to the foam mat that was used for training.

Will took position as did Sean, most of the Gym decided to watch the little match. Will began to dance around. Sean moved real slow watching his opponents movements of his body. He saw Will's right shoulder start to shift, Sean then brought his left fist up and block as Will went to punch. Sean quickly jabbed Will in the chin, as Will stumbled back he got a punch off hitting Sean in the cheek.

Sean then made like he was going to punch with his left and instead used his right fist and got a punch into Will's stomach. Sean then followed through with another punch.

William fell to the ground and took a few minutes to get to his feet. As Will stood up Sean jabbed to the face and then followed in with a body shot.

Will got mad and punched Sean's left eye, cutting his left eye. Will gave a yell and tried to punch again. Sean however herd Will and saw him charge at him. O'Neal quickly moved to the side and went behind Will. He gave four quick kidney punches.

Will fell to the ground in massive pain. However he enjoyed the fight. He rolled over to his back and looked up to see Sean standing over him and reaching his hand out. Will quickly took it and was pulled up.

"Don't ever loose your temper lad. It will be your undoing." Sean pulled his shirt up and wiped the blood off the corner of his left eye.

"How long this time?" Will asked.

"I'd say two minutes. Your getting better. Might wanna start working out more boy'o." Sean said putting his arms around his friend. The two went and cleaned up. And headed to the mess hall.

Will was hurting some as everyone could tell, as he sat in his chair slowly. Sean sat down and saw that Karissa and Ryan walked in. Ryan turned to see Sean's eye swelling some. He walked over giving a smile.

"Well, I see he's finally able to get one off."

"Hell he was lucky it he got two off."

"Why don't you boys use the safety equipment?" Ryan was a bit used to this but always hated to see these two treat there bodies this way.

"What the hell for sir. At lest Will here will know what a punch feels like."Sean looked at his friend.

"Boy do I ever."Will said laughing and then joined by his friend.