"To Better Understand Our Enemies"

Author: Lieutenant JG William Hancock
Date: August 5, 2384
Location: Sick Bay

William had been in Sickbay at his desk for around 6 and half hours strait. He was studying everything on the Kelvans. He was also learning ways to restore people to normal after coming into contact with a Kelvan weapon. Some of the information was helpful but not all of it. It seemed that most of the recent information about the Kelvans where from the USS Ilion. That information was rather sketchy and was just on how the ship was tractored in to the mother ship and how their systems were drained.

The information that the USS Knight obtained was very much still classified and only Captains could access that information. Will was starting to get a bit frustrated by this time. He then sat back and looked at his cup of tea. He thought for a minute and something inside him told him to try one last thing.

"Computer display all information on the Kelvans that was obtained by the USS Enterprise."

<That information is classified.>

Bloody hell!!!! William thought.

"Computer activate the EMH."

The EMH appeared and looked around. "Please state the nature of the medical... Oh I see your alone Lieutenant." George said turning around to his collogue.

"George I need some help lad."

"Really what kind of help?" George was a little curious to see what was wrong.

"You see were to be encountering the Kelvans rather soon. And those boogers are rather nasty. I know they turn people into dehydrated cubes. And so far all I can find is that they are the only ones that can undo it. I've tried to research more on the Kelvans, but the information is bloody classified and for Captain's eyes only." Will was a little frustrated as George could tell.

"Well in my memory banks all I know is to be very careful with the cubes, and locate a belt that the Kelvans wear around their waist."

William was kind of disappointed and wasn't sure but was a little pleased. He then walked around to the replicator. "Earl Grey hot extra sweet." A cup of steaming tea appeared.

"Now George what shape do the Kelvans usually fight in?"

"In almost every encounter I can access it's human form."

"Alright thanks. Computer deactivate the EMH." William walked over to his desk, and sat down and took a few seconds to enjoy his tea. The doors to sick bay then slid open. Doctor Jin walked in for her shift. Will turned and looked at her as she walked in.

"Good morning Doctor." Will said, with his boyish smile.

Jin gave a friendly smile and walked over to Will's desk. And sat on the edge of the desk. Will took the chance to check her out. He had been attracted to her looks at first glance when she came aboard at the station. But after working with her for a few weeks he liked her personality.

"How come you're always in her when I report for my 0530 shift? Do you ever sleep?" She said with a friendly smile.

"Well, I've been doing some research for the welfare of the crew when we go into combat with the Kelvans. Or more over if we do."

"Have you found anything useful?"

"Yes, and no. My research isn't yet finished. But I can continue it in my quarters."Will said shutting his computer terminal off and picking up a few PADDs. Jin noticed he was in kind of a hurry especially when she was around.

"If you or Cerro need anything I'll be in my quarters."Hancock walked out sickbay and took a deep sigh of relief. Walking to his quarters he tapped his comm badge. "Sean come in."

[Yeah what is it lad?]

"Could we later play the RAF program?"

[Sorry lad, but Commander Nidge has me busy for the next couple days. But feel free to use if you wanna to Will. Sean out]

Damn. Will thought to himself