"The Lion In Wolf's Clothing"

Author: Lieutenant JG Tricia McMillan
Date: August 4, 2384
Location: Klingon Vessel

The five members of the away team switched on their wrist beacons and looked around the room that they had just appeared in. The room was dark and cold, even though the environmental systems were online. Lieutenant Gregholt moved towards the far wall searching for the environmental controls so that he could bring some light into the room.

Lieutenant Yellowhorse and Ensign Topar were scanning the room using tricorders, until Topar tripped and stumbled, remaining upright only because he’d instinctively reached out and found a sturdy support.

Just then the lights came on and the away team got their first good look at the room they were in. At first sight it appeared to be a mess, but unlike any other Klingon mess, this was very clean, bright and immaculately tidy. Then Kira realised this wasn’t just a mess, but also a briefing room, a single large viewscreen dominating one of the longer walls.

"Cody, how’s the air in here." Kira enquired.

"Breathable, but still cold. I’d suggest we keep using the breathers until we can get the environmental systems to raise the temperature up a little more." Cody replied.

"OK, let’s search and secure the rest of the vessel." Kira ordered. "Steven, you head to engineering with Topar, see if you can’t speed up the environmental systems. The rest of us will head for the command deck."

The away team headed out of the room and into the main corridor, which like the rest of the ship was dark. Steven and Daniel headed right towards the engineering room, whilst Kira, Cody and Dani headed in the other direction, towards the front of the vessel and the command deck.

Command Deck

As they entered the command deck, the lights came on.

[Gregholt to Commander Markos. We’ve got main environmental controls back on, we should have the vessel ‘warmed up’ in about ten minutes. I’ll let you know when it’s safe to remove the breathers. We’re going to try and start bring the other systems back online now.]

"Well done." Kira replied.

Again the three members of the away team were surprised. The command deck was clean and bright, it almost looked more like a Federation Bridge that a Klingon command deck.

"Look at this Commander." Dani exclaimed.

Kira walked across to where Dani was standing at the helm position. The console in front of her was still black, but they could both see that it wasn’t Klingon.

Just then the console came to life and they gazed at the console in front of them as if they couldn’t believe their own eyes. After about a minute, Dani sat down and started to run her hands over the console and check everything out.

"Well Commander, the vessel is secure. The warp core is stable and it looks like Lieutenant Gregholt has been able to bring the weapon systems back online. The cloak is on standby, as are the impulse engines and shields." Cody announced from what appeared to be a tactical console.

"We don’t however have any helm control apart from thrusters, that’s all somehow tied in with the navigational systems. From what I can gather, that’s how the vessel got here in the first place. Its flight plan was pre-programmed and the vessel travelled on automatic." Dani reported. "However, the vessel made three course changes to avoid a comet and two ion storms, which leads me to believe that whoever programmed the main computer gave it some intelligence and an ability to determine a threat."

[Gregholt to Commander Markos. All systems are back online. It’s safe to removed our breathers.]

"Good. Come up to the Bridge, we need to regain helm control from the main computer." Kira replied.

[On our way. We’ve already released the transwarp drive from computer control, so I doubt we’ll have much difficulty releasing the helm.] Gregholt replied.

"Time to inform the Captain." Kira said under his breath. "Commander Markos to Ronin."

[Evans here. How’s the away team ?"]

"Just fine Captain. It was a little chilly for a while, but I think you may want to see this for yourself." Kira replied.

[I’ll be over there in ten. Ronin out.]

Ten minutes later……….

"This is amazing." Ryan exclaimed as he looked around the Bridge. It almost reminded him of the Bridge of a Defiant class, a single central command chair, helm position ahead, other stations around the outer wall. All of the equipment and consoles were obviously Federation.

"It is isn’t it." Admiral Pike replied an air of satisfaction in his voice.

Ryan spun around to look directly at the Admiral.

"Welcome aboard the ‘Bounty’." The Admiral said, a smile coming across his face.

"Bounty, now where have I heard that name before." Kira said. "Bounty…. Got it. The HMS Bounty was an eighteenth century Earth sailing vessel, some of the crew mutinied and set the Captain and the crew loyal to him adrift. The remained of the crew tried to make a new life for themselves. If I remember my Earth history, most were recaptured and tried, but a few escaped and their descendants still survive."

"Correct. But this Bounty is more recent." Pike replied.

"Kirk." Ryan exclaimed suddenly. "The Klingon scout vessel Admiral Kirk used to travel back in time and save Earth by bringing back the Humpback whales. The vessel sank into San Francisco bay, from the reports I read about it the vessel broke up in the storm."

"That’s what the reports say. Infact, Starfleet Intelligence recovered the vessel intact about six years later. It was transported to a secure shipyard and refitted, then used by SI for covert missions outside Federation space." The Admiral explained. "Over the years, it’s been upgraded, the design maybe nearly a hundred years old, but the technology aboard is state of the art."

"Do the Klingon’s know we have this vessel ?." Ryan enquired.

"Officially No." Pike replied. "Although they do suspect. They’ve made several requests to Starfleet to have the border outposts looking for what they call a rogue Klingon vessel."

"But why send it to us. We already have the Ronin, what could we do with a Klingon scout." Kira asked.

"The USS Federation was as you now know being built to combat the Kelvan. When the Ronin was destroyed, I pulled some major strings to get the Ronin’s crew assigned to the Federation. But the vessel wasn’t one hundred percent ready, we were forced to leave before the temporal shielding system could be installed and a supply of genesis torpedoes created. The plan was to send a vessel along with specialist engineers and the necessary systems when they were developed. The discovery of the Kelvan’s in our galaxy three months before we estimated has forced our hand, we needed to get the systems here fast and this was the only vessel large enough and with transwarp to get it here fast. Plus now it’s here, we can use it in our search for the Kelvan and their battle planets." The Admiral continued.

"Two heads are better than one." Dani remarked.

"Exactly." The Admiral replied."How is the cargo ?" He asked.

"It’s all secure Admiral. The computer shows that there are three genesis torpedoes, plus another five basic devices. We also have one hundred tri-cobalt and twenty Trilitium torpedoes, plus sixteen temporal shield generators." Kira announced. "There’s also a number of major spare and replacement part for the Ronin. There’s also a massive amount of data in the ships main computer. Weapons, shield and sensor enhancements mainly, some modifications for the isokenetic cannon. There’s also a group of secure messages for you Admiral."

"Have the messages transferred to my personnel database aboard the Ronin." The Admiral requested.

"We’re already in the process of downloading the vessels database, Admiral." Kira replied. "The messages should be transferred before you return to the Ronin."

"Then I suggest we get the equipment transferred to the Ronin as well and start work." Ryan ordered. "I’d like to get underway again as soon as the Kelvan specialist arrives."

"What about the Bounty ?" Dani asked.

"The vessel is almost entirely automated, we could pilot it by remote." The Admiral announced. "Although it maybe wise to leave a small crew aboard. We don’t know what effect Klingon disruptors will have on Kelvan technology and having a second vessel could increase our chances of detecting the Kelvan."

"I’d like to stay Captain." Dani announced. The opportunity to pilot a new vessel giving her voice a childish tint.

"OK." Ryan replied. "The job’s yours, for now. Commander Markos, will you see that a crew is assigned to Bounty and that it is regularly relieved."

"Of course Captain." Kira replied.

"Then let’s get moving. The Federation specialist will be here in a little over twelve hours." Captain Evans announced.