"In The R.A.F."

Author: Lieutenant JG Hancock & Lieutenant O'Neal
Date: July 30, 2384
Location: Holodeck 2

The sky was doted with clouds, and little planes 5 old British Spitfires. They were on a routine patrol on the coast of England. The lead Pilot was Major Sean O'Neal, his Wingman was 2nd Lieutenant William Hancock. It was O'Neal's 25th Patrol on the coast of England.

Sean took his right hand and press the throat microphone to his throat so he could speak to his Squadron. "All right boys it appears the Jerry's aren't around too much this day. We'll stay a tad longer then return to base."

As Sean got off the radio he saw 3 gray specs in the distance and a fourth gray spec much bigger then the others. He knew then what it was.

"Bandits at 11 o'clock." He shouted over the radio. He then banked and put his throttle at full power. He was flying know at over 100kilometers an hour. Sean looked to his left to see the ocean beneath him. He then looked ahead to see 4 109's and a heavy German bomber." All right lads I'll take the bomber on. The rest of take the fighters. Don't allow them to get behind you."

The fighter squadron broke off to attack it's targets. Sean headed head on to the German bomber, he was holding down the trigger on the flight stick. He could see the bullets flying at their target and bullets coming from the gunners at him. He then broke off the attack and did a barrel roll.

Sean then came back up at a 40 degree angle and fired again hitting the fuselage and the nose of the plane. Again he did a roll, and turned around and began shooting again he fired at the wings this time and caused a fire, he kept firing as he passed over and hit another engine and it too caught fire. This Engine exploded and tore the right wing off. The Bomber plummeted to the ocean and exploded as it hit the water cause of it's load of bombs.

Number 14 for me. Sean thought as he flew over the burning debris.

William flew head on to a fighter and fired away the 109 banked right and rolled away. William tried to follow but was unable. He then saw another 109 behind one of his wing mates, and charge ahead. He waited until he was 300 meters away and fired at the 109's tail and fuselage. The tail tore off from the bullets, and the engine began to smoke. The German pilot bailed out though.

"Hancock you have a bandit on your six. Pull up do a 90 degree pull up." William pulled back on the stick, and could hear bullets wising by and the engine moaning. "Now down!"

The 109 now was infront of William. William then fired away hitting the nose of the plane and the plane exploded in a huge fire ball. "Good job lets get home."

Sean then said" Computer end program, save information on RAF O'Neal." The planes and sky disappeared, and the holodeck walls came back. Sean and Will were still in the 1940's dress, leather jacket and pants.

"That was very exciting Sean. I sure enjoyed it."

"Thanks, but remember I've taken the safety off for more realism. So don't be a dumb booger and allow a 109 to get behind your arse." Sean said as he exited the holodeck.

"Sure thing lad. Sorry but I've gotta change and do a physical for Karissa."