"Back To Normal"

Author: Lieutenant JG William Hancock
Date: June 11, 2384
Location: Crew Quarters, Mess Hall, Sick Bay

It was warm. The air smelled of burned flesh, and death. Sounds of the wounded were heard. Most were crying in agony, and others were begging for a swift and quick death. William then realized he was alone, and no help could be seen. He was the only one not wounded or injured. William then turned to his left to see a open tent where he saw himself. He was doing some sort of surgery.

Something caused Will to look down at his hands, and saw his hands and forearms were covered in blood. He tried to wipe it off on his uniform and was unable to.

<<The time is 0615 hours>>> The computer alarm sounded off.

William opened his eyes to see the bulk head of his quarters, and then brought his hands up to see no blood. He sat up and realized it was another one of his bad dreams. He had been having bad dreams for a good while since he had come back from the planet, where he had helped the lost Federation Colonists. William went and showered, got dressed and then left for the mess hall.

Upon stepping into the mess hall he saw Lieutenant O'Neal. William walked over and ordered a cup of coffee and some scrambled eggs with hash browns. He walked over and took a seat at O'Neal's table. Hancock tried to act normal.

"Morning, Lieutenant O'Neal," Will said, noticing that O'Neal's beard was getting thicker, by the day.

"Hey, Doc, how are you?"O'Neal asked, and then took a sip of his coffee.

"Fine. I guess."

"Well, I am hearing rumors that you're going to be a father. Is that true?"

Will, was trying to hide that as long as he could. It was a complete accident, that Will didn't completely remember. He already had one responsibility. And now another, something he had not even planned on.
"Sorry, but that is true."

"Lieutenant, sorry? Come on, you and I lived through something greater then we could even imagine thus far. We've watched people be butcher and we stopped that. Now it's time to move on. And your doing that in your own way," Sean said getting louder.

"I'm not moving on, Sean. I still have bad dreams about that damn planet," Will said leaning forward.

"That's bleedin' normal, lad. Give it time, man. We've only been back for a few weeks."

"Excuse me, I have some things to do," William stood up and walked out of the mess hall and headed towards sickbay. In sickbay Will ran into Lieutenant Jin the Trill assistant Doctor.

"Morning, sir."

"Morning Doctor, I have the sickbay now. You can leave," William said heading toward the desk that was his.

"Computer, activate the EMH."

The EMH came on, and flickered. For the past week he had been working on the EMH, and had given him a name, calling him George. The EMH was a combination of several personalities. Doctor McCoy and Voyager's EMH were among them. He was very inpatient and it showed.

"Yes, doctor?"

"George, how's your program?"

"How do you think? I am a outdated program that has not ever been used. I'm confined to this sickbay, and have to wait for someone to turn me on and off!"

"Well, after today you'll be able to shut yourself on and off. Other than that, how's your program?"

"I'm functioning normally, Lieutenant."

"Good,"Will said, pressing his buttons on his computer, and started to add some additions to his EMH program.