"Lost Cat"

Author: Lieutenant Commander Tyran Nige
Date: May 27, 2384
Location: USS Ronin

Tyran sat on the bridge, again commanding the night shift. He was finding that being second officer of a starship had its disadvantages. He had busied himself in some tactical reports when his panel went
blank. He looked up and saw the helm panels going off line. Ensign Holmes turned round and shrugged.

"Chief, what's going on?" Tyran asked.

"I don't know sir. My console has just gone blank too" Talmsin replied.

"Tyran to engineering, what's going on down there?"

[We seem to have a problem with some of the circuitry connecting some of the gel packs to the computer systems.]


[Deck 3, section eleven beta. I'm heading up there too check it out now.]

"Don't bother. Chief Talmsin and I will sort it out."

[all right Commander, Engineering out.]

"Come on Chief, let's see if we can't get some excitement into this night. Holmes, you have the bridge."

The two came to the access hatch for the jefferies tube with the problem. They climbed in and crawled down the tube. As they got nearer to the affected circuitry, Tyran caught site of something stuck in the
circuitry. As he got closer, he recognized it as the rear end of Torasu.

"What is that?" Talsmin asked from behind him.

"My cat," sighed Tyran. They approached it they found that Torasu was well and truly stuck.

"How did he manage to get himself trapped here?" Talmsin asked. "In fact, how did he get into the jefferies tubes in the first place."

Tyran sighed as he tried tugging him out. "Who know. This cat gets everywhere!" Torasu started meowing and hissing as Tyran tugged harder.

"Doesn't look as if its working," smiled Talsmin. The site of a Commander trying to tug a cat out of a maintenance terminal, it's a wonder he hadn't already cracked up laughing.

"Damn it!" said Tyran. "Tyran to transporter room, lock on to my cat and beam it to my quarters."

[Your... cat sir?]

"Just do it, crewman."

"Aye, sir"

Torasu dematerialized from view. Talmsin took a look inside.

"Can you fix it?" asked Tyran.

"Yup, he just pulled a piece of circuitry loose when he was struggling to get out." Talsmin reattached it. "All done."

"I guess it's back to the bridge then. When we're there, I want a curfew set on that cat. If he's not in my quarters by 22:00 hours, he is auto beamed back and locked in."

"Aye, sir" responded A.J. as they headed back.