Author: Captain Evans & Chief Talsmin
Date: May 17, 2384
Location: USS Ronin / Talon

Ryan and Karissa hurried from Karissa's quarters back to the turbolift.

"Never a dull moment eh?" asked Tyran as they joined him in the lift.

"It would seem not" replied Ryan as the ship rocked violently.

"Are we under attack? asked Karissa

"It feels like it" repled Tyran. "But by who?"

The doors slid open and the three stepped out onto the bridge. Kira joined them from the other turbolift. On the view screen, there was an old D7 class Klingon cruiser and three birds of prey firing on the Ronin.

"Report!" yelled Ryan over the commotion

"Captain, they have our shield frequency! We don't stand a chance!"

Ryan, Kira nad Karissa stepped down to the command area as Tyran took the tactical station behind the Captains chair.

"Tyran, lock the isokinetic cannon on that D7. Let's get that out of the way first." ordered Ryan.

"No can do Captain." Replied Tyran, "The Klingons have found a way to disable it. I can't get it back online."

"Damn! Do we still have torpedoes?"

"We would have done, only that last volley took out the torpedo launcher. All we have is phasers!"

"That will have to do, lock all phasers on that D7!"

"Aye sir, replied Tyran."

"Captain!!" yelled Ming. "Another four D7 cruisers have just decloaked off our port bow. Along with another 7 birds of prey and a.. Vor'cha cruiser!"

"Kira, can you do anything to get us shields?" asked Ryan

"I can get us shields for a while, but I won't be able o hold it for long."

"It will have to do. Ensign Holmes, evasive maneouveurs now! Tyran, fire at will!"

"Aye sir" the two officers responded.

"Looks like the *Ronin*'s taking hits boss." Hobbes looked over his shoulder from the flight control console at Klevin. He was sitting in the command chair, his hands folded infront of him.v "Martha, power up the phaser cannon, and bring the arrays online. Load the torpedo tubes." Jacen nodded in the direction of the tactical station. Martha made her way over there in a few quick strides, and let her hands fly over the control panel. "Hobbes? Time to drop from warp?"
"Ten seconds boss."

"Game faces everyone." He looked around the bridge to the different personnel. He felt the inertial dampners compensate as the *Talon* dropped from warp.

"We're being hailed boss." Hobbes looked over his sholder.

"Why am I not surprised? Put him through..."

The blue face of an Andorian filled the viewscreen. A.J. watched from the ops station as Keldon's eyes darted around the bridge. [Klevin! What in the hell are you doing here?]

"Pretty obvious, isn't it?" Klevin's trademark grin formed at the corner of his mouth. "I'm here to collect from your Klingon associates."

[Hmph.] Klevin looked at A.J. [And what is Talsmin doing here?]

"A.J. is a guest of mine. You and your friends have taken the opportunity to attack his ship, and he's not exactly happy about it."

Keldon sneered. [I hope he gets one last look before we beam off what we need and breach the warp core.] The screen reverted back to the battle scene.

"Martha, contact the *Starchild* and *Merchant Venture* and tell them that we need assistance. Then, proceed to fire at will. A.J., jam their communications and contact the *Ronin* instructing them to realign their shield harmonics to a few frequencies out of 'The Library.' Hobbes, take us in."

"Captain, we're recieving a hail from a ship called the Talon." Shouted the replacement ops officer shielding his face from an explosion. "It's Chief Talsmin Captain!"

"Talsmin! On screen!"

The View shifted from the Vor'cha cruiser to Talsmin.

"Good to see you chief. Care to explain things?"

"Not right now Captain. Just alter your shields to the frequency that I'm transmitting to you now. It should help you out. We'll be there soon to help. AJ out."

"Tyran, can you remodulate our shields with those frequencies?" Ryan asked

"I'm already working on it"

"Great, lets show this Klingon scum what it means to take on the most advanced ship in Starfleet!"

"The *Ronin*'s coming about." Martha looked over her shoulder to Jacen. She watched as the range meter dropped to within firing ranges. She then began opening fire on the Vor'cha class cruiser. The phaser blasts hit the shields and disappated.

"I suppose I should really upgrade the phasers again," Jacen commented to himself. "Martha, fire ion torpedos, full spread."

"I'm on it." Martha tapped a few commands on her console. Immediatly, six purple-blue spheres flew forward. They slammed into the shields fo the cruiser and disappated. At least it appeared that they had. The sphere continued forward and slammed into the craft. Immediatly, blue electrical discharges crept across the vessel. Lights began shutting down and the glow of the warp nacelles subsided. The Vor'cha became a drifting hulk in space.

"Might I ask where you got those from?" A.J. asked from the operations station.

"An engineer named Loran. Something he's been working on," Jacen replied candidly. "At any rate, Hobbes hasn't been able to put together a working ion cannon, so a torpedo is the next best thing."

"We're getting a hail from Keldon." Hobbes turned in his chair. "He doesn't sound happy."

"I can't imagine why." Jacen grinned. "Put him on."

[Bastard Klevin! How dare you get involoved! You'll share the fate of the *Ronin*!] The channel closed abruptly, and the *Talon* was rocked by a volley of phaser fire.

"Really..." Jacen shook his head. "A.J. are their communications jammed?"

"Yes," A.J. replied. "I haven't lost my touch."

"Superb. Work a little magic on the communications systems, and make them think that Keldon is telling them to retreat."

"How do I know which one is Keldon's ship?"

"Oh, believe me. He's a flamboyant." Jacen grinned, and looked out the viewport. The *Talon*r rocked with another volley of disruptor and phaser fire. "Martha..."

"Alright, alright! I'm only one woman." Phaser fire striked multiple vessels.

"There he is." Jacen pointed at the viewscreen at a Bird of Prey. The vessel had shark's teeth painted on the front. It was black with red and yellow feather patterns painted on the wings. "A.J., jam his communications, and instruct the other vessels to depart."

"Gladly." A.J. began working.

"Let's see how he reacts to this one." The grin creeped across Jacen't face once more.

"Captain, We've disabled one of the D7's along with three more of the birds of pray." Tyran announced. "The Talon has somehow completely disabled the Vor'cha"


"I'm not sure exactly Captain, they just fired some kind of torpedos at the ship and all systems onboard went offline."

"Captain, all the Klingons are retreating!" announced Ming.

"They are?"

"Yes, the disabled ships are being tractored away. They're all leaving."

"Should we pursue Captain?" asked Kira "We have them on the run now!"

"No, I've a feeling there's more to this than just a random ambush. They had our shield frequencies and had the codes to disable most of our weapons. I have a feeling the captain of this ship may know something that we don't." Ryan looked around at the bridge. This was the first time his new ship had been damaged like this. "Damage report?" he asked.

"Hull breaches on decks ten through twelve, deck six and deck two. Emergency force fields are holding. All weapons are offline except phasers. Plasma fires on decks eleven and twelve are under control and damage control teams are already being dispatched" announced the ops officer.


"Minor casualties, all of whom are being treated in sickbay. No fatalities" answered Kira.

"Mr. Wang, open a channel to that ship"

"Aye sir"

"You're being hailed," A.J. looked over at Jacen.

"From Keldon or Captain Evans?"

"Both actually."

"Put them both on." Jacen watched as Captain Evans and Keldon occupied the screen. "Gentleman."

[Klevin! You haven't seen the last of me!] The Andorian was noticibly irrate.

[Who is that?] Evan asked.

"That, my dear Captain, is the man behind the attack on your vessel." Jacen nodded to Martha. She nodded back, and then fired a ion torpedo and a few phaser shots. The torpedo impacted on the hull, disabling the vessel. The tractor beam was then locked on. "You're free to deal with him as you please."

Keldon's image faded from the screen, and only Evans was left. [I must thank you Mr...]

"Klevin. Jacen KIevin."

"We've got two ships coming in boss. Looks like the *Starchild* and *Merchant Venture*," Hobbes said, looking over.

"Very good have Captain Stanton take care of Keldon's ship."

[At any rate Mr. Klevin, I'd like to thank you for your assistance.]

"Believe me Captain, it isn't a problem. If you wish, I will have my engineering teams beam over and assist with repairs."

[I would appreciate it, thank you.]

"Very well. I will also return to you your Chief of Operations. He is a good man Captain. I was sorry to loose him." Jacen gave A.J. a smile.