"Aid To The Wounded"

Author: Lieutenant JG William Hancock
Date: May 14, 2384
Location: Unknown PLanet

Will, quickly ran to the wounded Green humanoid aliens. Most were minor wounds, and the bleeding was not serious. Will knelt down, and started to help a wounded Alien, who had a wound to his side. Hancock pulled out his tricorder, and scanned the injured man.

"Your a rebel?" The Alien said.

"No, I'm a federation doctor, responding to a distress call."Will continued to scan the patient, and then pulled out a hypo spray, and gave injection to the alien to relieve the pain. Will then put a bandage over the 3 inch wide hole, and told the Alien to hold it there and put pressure on the bandage. The alien bleed a yellow blood.

Will scanned with his eyes to see the more severe of the wounded. He saw a man laying on his back now moaning or moving around, but his chest gave an occasional rise and fall. Will then remembered his training for such a crisis like this. That the ones not moaning or screaming were the first to be treated. Hancock darted over to the human looking alien, and started his scans. The wound was to the mans stomach. Blood began to pool around the victim.

Also the man had a ruptured spleen, much the same anatomy of a human being. William didn't question the findings of anatomy. The timing was rather important. Will gave a pain killer injection, and then pulled out a disinfectant soap, and washed his hands, and then a laser scalpel, and began to cut around the already damaged tissue, so he could use a dermal regenerator on the spleen.

Lieutenant O'Neal ran up behind the Doctor, and paused and watched, as the doctor began to perform his duty. "Come on, I need you to reach in the med kit and pull out the dermal regenerator." Sean pulled put the wand type instrument, and a pair of bloody hands reached up, and grabbed it. The procedure went well, and made Hancock feel good, for he had saved his first patient.

The other wounded were not as severe, however one of the human like aliens, had to have his leg amputated at the knee, to much tissue damage, and not the right kind of place to or faculty to work in. Over all 11 wounded Rebels, and 13 of the Green aliens. One of the Human looking wounded, tried to get Hancock's attention.

"Thank you stranger, I'm Corporal Owen, of the Liberation movement. By helping us you've put yourself in danger."

Will, then remembered a lecture in the Prime Directive from his classes, at Star Fleet Medical. Starfleet personnel are not to involve themselves or other personnel under their command, in the affairs of a planet or species not of the Federation. He looked to Lieutenant O'Neal who had a pair of binoculars out and was scanning the area up and to the right of where the shuttle was.

"Sean, what we do? I think we have violated the Prime Directive, I mean me lad."Will said pulling the sleeves of his blue shirt down.

"I am not sure, but we have Company. Those Green buggers are back." Sean said turning towards the doctor.

"What was I to do, let this people die!!" William said, putting his gray and black tunic on.

The Green Aliens walked up, and looked at the many wounded, and then the two Starfleet personnel. Who may I ask you two are? I know your not Rebels, for they would of either fired or ran away when they saw us.

"I'm Doctor William Hancock, and a Lieutenant Junior Grade in Starfleet."Will said in a rather harsh tone.

"I'm Lieutenant JG, Sean O'Neal."Sean said looking at the size of the Aliens, which towerd over Sean.

"Your a doctor?"The Alien asked, looking over O'Neal.

"No, I'm a Security Chief on a Starship, USS Ronin."

"Why are you here?" The Alien asked walking over to his wounded men.

"To, help the wounded, we recived a distress call." William said giving a friendly smile.