"Something Not Right"

Author: Lieutenant JG Sean O'Neal
Date: May 14, 2384
Location: Unknown PLanet

The walk to the farm was a scenic walk. The planet was plentiful, with grass lands, and forest. The area down from the hills was a 21 Kilometer grassland. And in the distance the city was clear, with the the out lines of tall and short buildings.

Sean thought the place was rather green, like his native Ireland. He took a deep breath and inhaled the fresh clean air.

William was scanning ahead, and picked up to humanoid life signs. "Lieutenant, I am picking up two humanoid in the house." Hancock, said folding his tricorder up, and putting it in its holster.

Sean approached the single story farm house in, a rather defensive manner. " We are from the United Federation of Planets. We are here to help." Sean shouted at the house. Slowly a man around 36 stepped out with a rifle of sorts.

"Help? Who sent you?" The man said causing a million questions to go through Sean & William's head.

"We received a distress call, from this planet. That we located in the mountains very far from here."Sean informed the man.

"Get away from here, before you bring trouble, to my house." The man said walking towards the door of his house.

"Listen we came here to help."William said shouting at the man.

"The Florans will not see it that you came to help them. They'll see it as you came to help the Rebels. Now be gone before, they find you and kill my wife and me." The man shut the door, and left allot of unawsered questions for both Lieutenant Hancock, and O'Neal.

Sean turned and shrugged his shoulders, and turned and started to head towards the town off in the distance. He pulled out his tricorder and scanned ahead. Then he picked something up on the scanners.

"I'm picking up thirty Humanoid, allot different according to these scans, then those in the house. Sean looked and saw clouds of dust forming ahead towards the Horizon.

"Shite they're come'n fast, armed with phasers." Sean knew they were in an open field, and would make an inviting target in the open. He scanned the area, and saw a group of boulders of about 300 yards, at the end of the south field. The two ran to the boulders, and dropped to the ground, and wondered what to do now.

Sean pulled his phaser out and then put it away. He herd the foot steps getting closer. And then he herd.

"You in the house, get out here now." Sean rolled on his belly to see what was going on.

The group of men he took it were, soldiers. The had green skin,black hair and wore blue and white uniforms, other then that they looked human.

"You know the penalty for aiding the Rebels." Sean said."Damn." and William said in a whisper.

"We can't let these people be punished."

"What you want to do? Storm them they outnumber us 3 to 1." Sean said in a hiss.

The leader of this detachment, looked over towards the hills, and then spoke."Tell me where they went. I may be merciful."

"I cant say." The man replied. The leader of the alien detachment then said reacted accordingly. "Sergeant burn the house. Lieutenant form a firing party."

*Damn* Sean thought to himself, and tried to figure out what to do, but he knew anything would be fetule. He and William watched in horror.

Then out of the hills, came 21 screaming people that looked more human then this Military attachment did. They charged ahead and fired as they ran.

One shot hit one of the Green aliens, in the leg. The leader of the detachment told his men to form a firing line, and get ready to fire.

Sean knowing now the attention shifted towards the on coming threat, stood up to watch the assault. The assault remained Sean of old earth battle tactics, of massing your fire.

"This battle is over before it began."Sean said, as the Green aliens fired away, taking down 11 of the enemy rather quickly. Then a large explosion landed between the on-coming Rebels. The explosion tore a 8 man gap. The remain g men fired one volley of phaser fire hitting 5 Aliens, then the rebels ran.

The Military commander, then pulled out his hand phaser and lead his men to track and finish these rebels off leaving his wounded.

Sean turned to see Lieutenant Hancock running to the aid of the wounded. "Damn him." Sean said running after the Doctor.