Author: Lieutenant JG Sean O'Neal
Date: May 14, 2384
Location: USS Bowen

The trip to the planet took a total, of 19 hours. Due to the Shuttles' engine auto shut down, when the warp core was over done. Sean was uncertain, and eager to see what the distress call was for.

The planet was a lush green and blue from space. It had twin moons, similar to that of earth's moon. Except there were two instead of one. The two officers gazed through the view port, as the shuttle approached the planet. Sean slowed the shuttle to 1/3 impulse power, and brought the ship into a standard orbit.

Sean began to scan the planet for the source of the distress call. He found it in the southern hemisphere and high in a mountain range. He couldn't find any life signs around the source of the distress call. For some reasons he couldn't get a precise scan of the object sending out the distress call, something in the mountain blocked or bounced of the wall.

Lieutenant Hancock, began to scan the planet, for life signs. They seemed rather plentiful, but couldn't get a perscise reading either. He picked up humanoid in the Northran con-tenant, and a rather large group of settlements.

"Pick up some 78,000 humanoid spread out in a rather large area of the Northern Continent. However something is blocking our scans."Hancock went to work to see if he could find away around the obstacle.

Sean went and scanned and did pick up some sort of major information, he quickly shared it with Hancock. "I pick up areas outside the towns, that have technology, sort of like around 45 years old."

"I think we better get down there rather quick, and see if these people need help? Or if they are in danger?" Hancock's concern was becoming apparent to O'neal and knew it was genuine not a over zealous attempt to get down to the surface.

"Ok, you said you can fly? Right?" O'Neal asked William.

"Yes, but not why beam down there?"

"According to my scans there is a large amount of kelvenite in the ground there, beaming through kelvenite is very hard." Sean said switching seats with William.

"Now there is an opening at these corridnates, if you don't hit it at 87 degrees...." O'Neal was interrupted.

"I know we bounce off and drift for days before anybody finds, us."

William's hands slid over the control panel, and pressed a few buttons, and Sean watched, hoping this guy was not a hot shot, that claimed to know something and didn't

The Green fields came into view, and the surface was only a few thousand kilometers away. The shuttle handled rather smoothly. Will looked over and gave a sheepish grin."Where should we park?"

Sean turned his chair, and made a few entries into the computer. The shuttle then went to automatic, and flew about 200 meters above the ground, and landed near a small mountain range.

Once the shuttle landed, Sean went to the rear of the shuttle, and open the small armory, that was in the rear. The armory contained four type 2 phasers, four tricorders, and four flash lights. Sean pulled out a tricorder, and placed it on his right hip, and the phaser he turned the power cell on, and set it to level 4, he holstered the phaser to his left hip.

William was making sure everything was in a medical kit. Sean walked over, and handed William a phaser. Will took it and holstered it to his left hip. he didn't bother to turn it on or have it at a setting.

Sean took a deep breath, and then open the rear hatch. The air was warm with a cool breeze blowing. The trees were similar to pine trees on earth, some were over 34 meters tall. Sean then turned and open a compartment, and pulled out a field pack and then shut the compartment. Once Lieutenant Hancock was out of the shuttle O'Neal took some extra precautions.

"Computer lock down shuttle. authrazation Charlie-beta two." The shuttle's power shut down to a few control panels, and the rear entry hatch closed.

Sean pulled out his tricorder and scanned down the hill. He saw on his tricorder, a small farm of sorts about an hours walk.

"Come on doctor let's go see what we can do." Sean said as he started to walk ahead of Hancock a few yards.