"Test Flight"

Author: Lieutenant JG Tricia McMillan
Date: May 13, 2384
Location: Delta Flyer

The Delta Flyer slowly left the shuttle-bay of the Ronin-A and eased out into open space.
As they left the Ronin far behind, Tricia said "Right, let's see what this ship can really do."

With that remark, Tricia increased the impulse engines to full power and the Flyer accelerated away. As Tricia got more and more accustomed to the joystick controls, she began to make various high-speed turns, each becoming more aggressive and tighter than the last.

"WOW." Gregholt remarked as Tricia finally brought the Flyer back onto a straight course. "That was some roller-coaster ride."

"You've not seen anything yet." Tricia replied. "Deploying impulse thrusters."

Just as she said that, the Flyer increased speed once more. Tricia again tried to make various manoeuvres, but the ship wasn't as responsive and as Tricia tried to make a sharp turn to starboard, the impulse thrusters cut-out and the computer announced.

"Spoilsport." Tricia said annoyingly to the computer. "Now that's what I call a roller-coaster ride."

After taking a deep breath and calming down from the adrenaline rush, she realised that she'd not got a reply from her crewmate. She looked around at Lieutenant Gregholt and saw that he was looking a little 'green around the gills' at the Ops station.

"Are you OK ?" She inquired.

Steven took a deep breath before speaking.

"Actually I feel a little dizzy." He replied wearily, putting a hand to his 'rolling' head. "Maybe it's the high impulse turns that's effected me."

Tricia rose from her seat and walked back towards the operations console.

"Let's get you in the back and check you out. If you're not fit to fly, then at least we've found out now and not when we're half way to Valaria." Tricia said.

"I suppose so." Steven remarked, rising slowly from his seat and stumbling.

Tricia 'caught' him and helped Steven down the steps and into the living area of the Flyer. She activated the bio-bed, which slid smoothly out of the wall then placed Lieutenant Gregholt down onto the extended bed.

"Well it looks like space sickness to me." Tricia announced checking the read-outs. "Although I'm no doctor, what I'd do now for an EMH."

"You know, it maybe possible to install some holo-emitters aboard. We already know that the computer system can support an EMH program." Steven remarked. "I'll suggest it to the Captain when we get back."

"Sounds like a good idea. Let me check something out." Tricia said, having an idea of her own.

Tricia left the Lieutenant resting on the bed and walked across the deck to another console.

"There's the culprit." She announced. "The inertial dampers are out of alignment by nearly half a percent. Good job we didn't go to warp or we'd have been re-decorating the cockpit."

"Must have been overlooked during the overhaul after Dinara and Tyran brought the Flyer back after their honeymoon." Gregholt replied. "Should be a simple task to correct though."

Steven attempted to get up, but as soon as he became upright the dizziness returned and he settled back down on the bed.

"This should be ease the dizziness." Tricia replied, taking a hypo-spray from the medi-kit she'd just opened, placing it against Lieutenant Gregholt's neck. "I think you'd better stay lying there until we can get you back to the Ronin."

Tricia returned to the cockpit and plotted a course back to the Ronin.

An hour later, the Flyer arrived back.

"Delta Flyer to Ronin." Tricia announced.

[Ronin to Delta Flyer. Glad to see you back Lieutenant.] Captain Evans replied. [Is everything OK ?]

"Unfortunately not, we've got a little problem." Tricia said.

[Oh, what ?] Ryan inquired.

"The Flyer's inertial dampers are out of alignment, they'll need checking and re-calibrating before we leave for Valaria. Lieutenant Gregholt suffered some ill effects during our little flight, but I'm OK." Tricia explained.

[We'll assign an Engineering team to the task as soon as you dock. I want both of you to report to sickbay and get checked out straight away. You're cleared to come home.] Ryan replied.

An hour later, the two members of the Flyer crew were in sickbay being checked over. After being scanned, prodded and poked numerous times, they were both declared 'fit for duty'.

"You know, we should give the Flyer a name" Steven said as they both walked out of sickbay and down the corridor towards the turbo-lift.

"Any thoughts." Tricia enquired.

"Not at the moment, but I'm sure we can come up with something before we leave for Valaria.