"Don't Fear The Doctor"

Author: Lieutenant JG William Hancock
Date: April 27, 2384
Location: Sickbay

Will sat at his desk, going over medical reports, and records for crew of the Ronin. Upon reading two records, he saw that the ships Counselor Lieutenant Commander Bentara, hadn't reported to sick bay, or had a medical report done in over 6 months. Will knew that she needed to be checked out. And that she had to report to sick bay, something she was two days late on. Upon further reading on her medical records from the USS Cole, he saw that a note was attached, he read it aloud.

"Fear of hospitals, or Medical faculties is a concern."

Okay, she's chief Counselor, and afraid of laboratory, very interesting. How do I do my job, and bring her here with out putting up a fight.

William twirled in his chair, and thought at the same time. He then became dizzy, and stopped. The name sounded familiar, and yet he couldn't place it. Two days ago he and few other officers over indulged themselves into a stupor. All will could remember was waking up in a holodeck, with his pants around his ankles, and a blazing headache, his stomach wasn't far behind.

All of a sudden an idea hit him, and he leaped out of his chair. "Computer locate the Chief Counselor."

< The ships chief Counselor, is located on deck 2 room three-Charlie. > The computer's response was a rather frustrating one.

"Bloody hell, I know where the damn office is. Is the Chief Counselor there?"

< No Commander Bentara is not in her quarters. >

"Where the bloody hell is she?"

< Please restate question >

William was getting rather frustrated at this and was getting rather mad as the computer was being a smart ass, but was not intending to be. "Computer!!! Where is Commander Banter?"

< The Commander is in the mess hall. >

"Good, lock a transporter beam on her, and beam her into sick-bay. Authorization Hancock 3-Bravo"

The shape of the Commander, appeared near a Bio-bed, and Will gave then a friendly smile, as she looked around and saw the room she was in. "Welcome to my sickbay." Will said as she turned to him. He then saw her face, and memory popped into his head, and it was a rather embarrassing memory

"Oh, my god!! "Will said, stepping back, and falling over his desk, and hitting his head on the floor.

Karissa's shaking lessened as concern for William immediately crashed into her mind. Without thinking twice, she ran to his unconscious form on the floor.

"William!" she called, gently touching his face. "William??" Still he wasn't responding. She did a quick visual check of the head where he'd struck it. There was a small bump beginning to form. She quickly, spotted a tricorder near by and swiped it, returning to Will on the floor. As she scanned him, she let out a sigh of relief. He was fine. He'd have a bump, and it would be sore, but there wasn't a concussion.

The bright light of sick-bay and then the sudden shape and outline of Karissa, caused Will to rise slowly. He gave a stupid grin. "Sorry about that." Will rose slowly, and felt the bump on his forehead.

"I didn't mean to seem rude beaming you into sickbay. Just your profile said you feared Hospitals."

"Yes, but if you would of came to me and told me as a friend, I possibly would of came."

Will stood up, and leaned against his desk, and tried not to blush. "Sorry, but my memory is a bit fuzzy. How exactly do we know each other."

"You don't know?" she asked with a bit of surprise in her dark eyes, and a soft smile in her face.

She could sense memories stirring in him. He did remember her, she realized. He cleared his throat as he ran a medical tricorder over her.

"You do remember, don't you?" she pried.

"What do you mean?" he replied evasively.

"That night," she replied. "How else do you think you got that mark on your left peck." Her own cheeks flushed a bit, at remembering how it had occurred. How out of control she had been, as she had nipped him a little harder than she had meant to.

Feeling embarrassed he put down the tricorder and lifted up a PADD. "You appear to be in fine health. Your dismissed, Commander."

With a nod she smiled. "If you ever want to talk about it, you know where to find me," Karissa said.

Once the Commander, left Will took a seat in his a chair.

"Computer activate the EMH."

"Please state the nature of the Emergency." The EMH looked at Will, and picked up a tricorder.

"Hard walking is it?" The EMH was sarcastic, as he spied the knott on William's head.

"No, just a woman with a sharp bite. "Will responded, as the EMH ran a dermal regenerator over Will's head.