"Reason To Celebrate"

Author: Captain Ryan Evans
Date: April 25, 2384
Location: Docking facility - DS11

Slowly, a small object floated through space. Slowly it spun toward the huge grey hull of the Federation. It neared it's destination and smashed along the side. A huge cheer went up from the crowd as the wine spilled over the hull.

"As of Stardate 2484344, the USS Federation shall be re-commisioned, USS Ronin - A" Admiral Pike triumphantly said as the crowd cheered him on. He gave a quick bow and took a step back and stood along side Ryan and Kira. Ryan stepped forward and approached the small podium.

"It brings great joy to my heart, to be back once again, among the people I know and love. We have a new ship, a new mission and new crew. However, this has not come at a cost. We must not forget the destruction of our former vessel, and least not, the lives of the crew who were lost in her final defense. Without their incredible sacrifices, it is not likely that I would be standing here now speaking to you, nor you listening to me."

Ryan tapped a few commands into the panel on the podium and the large view screen to his right lit up with a star chart of the galactic core.

"Our new mission is this. We have been given one of the most advanced ships in the fleet. With slipstream drive, this mission should be complete within a year or two. We are to travel through the gamma quadrant, circling as close to the galactic core as possible. We will then pass through the Delta quadrant, and back to the Alpha quadrant through the Beta quadrant. We will be the first Starfleet vessel to undertake such a journey and to travel throuhg these parts of the galaxy. It will not be an easy mission, but you have proven yourselves so far, to be an astounding crew that I hope will not let me down."

The crew applauded him as he paused for breath.

"We will disembark in two days. Until then, you are all free of duty."

This cause more applause as Ryan left the podium.

The crew dispersed and Ryan walked over to the large bay window and looked out at his ship hanging in the dry dock.

"Nice ship isn't she?"

Startled, Ryan turned around. "Steve, you startled me" he said.

"Sorry Captian, I didn't mean to" smiled Gregholt. "Captain, about this time off? Could I maybe spend some time on the Ronin, checking out the slipstream drive and what not. It's just.. I'd rather do that right now"

"Sure Steve. You are the chief Engineer after all."

"Of course, I keep forgetting that Captain. Have fun celebrating" he said as he left the room.

*Typical engineer* thought Ryan.

It hadn't been long before a little celebratory party had been arranged. Ryan thought it owuld be more important right now, to show that he was willing to befriend the newer crew members and so agreed to go out with Hancock, O'Neil and Wang.

*Gonna be a bit odd being around three men i don't know for a whole night. Maybe I should ask someone else to join us.*

Ryan thought for a bit for someone who may not have already made plans. He then remembered about the time he had spent with Karissa Bentara before he had been calle dback to Earth.

*I'm sure she'd be willing to go. She seems the type who's up for anything. Not only that.. she has a real cute ass* thought Ryan to himself.

It wasn't long before he was ringing the chime of her quarters.

"Come in" she called. Ryan stepped in and nervously walked in toward the centre of the room.

"Hi Karissa" he said scratching the back of his neck

"Ryan!" she shouted running over and giving him a hug. "It's good to see you again. We should go out to dinner tongiht. Catch up a bit"

"Well, I was.. uh, sort of wondering if you'd like to go out with me and a few of the new crew tonight. Have a few drinks over on the station. I thought I'd get to know them, but it may be better to bring along someone I sort of new in case things went wrong."

"Sure! I'd love to come!" she said happily.

"Ok, see you on the station at 20:00!"

"I'll be there!"