Author: Lieutenant Commander Nige Tyran
Date: 10 March, 2384
Location: USS Elisa

"Shields are down to 56%!" yelled Kira over another explosion.

"Warp engines are off line" added Dinara

"Captain! what do we do?"

"I don't know responded Nige"

"Shields are down! They're beaming aboard Captain!" shouted Kira again.

Nige, Dinara and Kira spun around in their chairs to see a group of small hairy animals materialise on the deck. They all reached for their phasers and pointed them at the intruders.

"We represent the Stellar Organisation of Terran Chimpanzees. Please don't shoot!" Dinara vaporised the leading chimp.

"What did you do that for?" demanded Nige

"Sorry Captain" she replied

"You will pay for killing our leader" shouted the largest remaining chimp.

"Can't we come to some sort of agreement?" said Torasu trying to break up the argument.

"Shut up Cat!!" the chimp shouted

"Follow me" said Torasu opening the rear hatch of the shuttle and walking out into a green field. "Have you all done your research assignments?" he enquired. Everyone pulled out a PADD, including the chimps and placed them on Torasus desk. "Chimps, you may attack!"

"What?" asked Nige in confusion as the Chimps dived on Dinara and Kira and started chewing into them with their overly large teeth. They both screamed out in pain as Nige began shooting the chimps off. He ran down a corridor of the Knight, shooting over his shoulder as he went at the advancing chimps. He rounded a corner and came to a dead end. He turned and the chimps punced at him....

Nige woke up with a start and looked ahead of him, he was sweating terribly and in front of him was the stubbly face of Torasu. Still not fully awake and unaware of his sorroundings, Nige screamed out in fright "CHIMP!!!" and pulled away. Torasu, not knowing what just happened, jumped off and cowered under Kiras chair, who, along with Dinara, were staring in wonder at Nige.

"Nige?" asked Kira. Who couldn't contain himself for much longer. Dinara was already laughing.

"I must have been dreaming?" Nige grogily replied

"Pretty badly, you were tossing and turning for ages!"

"And mumbling something about a research assignment" giggled Dinara.

"Whats this about chimps?" asked Kira


"You woke up with a start and clearly shouted CHIMP!!! at Torasu" said Kira mimicking what Nige had done

"I did? Well, there were a few chimps in the dream I was having..."

"I don't want to know" smirked Kira

"Ohhh come here Chimp, did the naughty man frighten you?" asked Dinara pulling Torasu out from under Kiras chair.

"You're not going to call it that are you?" asked Kira

"Why would I, it's name is Torasu?"

"On Earth in the twentieth century, we had things called 'nick names' they are a name you give to someone, that is easier to say than they're real one. Their name doesn't officially change, but you call them what you want... Does that make any sense?"

"Sort of... I kind of like the idea. How would you like to be called Chimp?" asked Dianra holding Torasu up to her face "What do you think Nige. But Nige had already fallen back to sleep....